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Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday Notice
Dear customers, suppliers, partners and Alfarobot partners,
Tomb-sweeping Day is a time for us to remember history and give thanks for life.According to the national statutory holidays and the actual situation of our company, the holiday time of our company during Tomb-sweeping Day is as follows: April 4th – April 7th, a total of 4 days.
Matters needing attention:
1. During the holiday, each department shall properly arrange the development of various businesses according to the actual situation of work, resolutely implement various work plans and reasonably arrange work matters.
2. During the holiday, the mobile phones of all departments shall be ensured to be on for 24 hours to ensure smooth communication.
3. Before the holiday, all departments shall do fire prevention and anti-theft work and close doors, windows, power supply and so on.
4. All employees shall abide by the epidemic requirements during the holiday and do personal protection.
5. Employees returning home shall pay attention to safety, make return arrangements in advance to ensure that they go to work as scheduled.

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