Warmly welcome the enterprise representatives from Xiangcheng district to visit ALFA

On September 21, 2023, as a representative of the leading enterprises, Alfa positively responded to the activity held by the city of administrative examination and approval bureau enterprise full chain service center linkage nutrient pond center and other related units about promoting upstream and downstream industry chain communication mutual promotion, strengthen collaborative innovation, speed up the integration development a “Get into the leading enterprises-ALFA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION.” , we showed the latest progress of the frontier industry technology and the application, at the same time help the manufacturing enterprises collaborative high quality development together.

Warmly welcome the enterprise representatives from Xiangcheng district to visit ALFA

As a modern robot production base of injection molding industry, ALFA has been focused on industrial automation for 35 years since its establishment. In the face of the changing and increasingly complex demands of the industrial machinery market, advanced automation and artificial intelligence are used to increase labor productivity by 85% and shorten the production cycle from 30 days to 7 days, decreasing by 77%. As a benchmark factory of industrial automation, Alfa represents the core strength of Chinese manufacturing in the industrial automation industry.

Under the guidance of the assistant general manager Mr. Bao, the representatives of the enterprises from Xiangcheng Disctrict,Suzhou visited our product exhibition hall and assembly workshop, and introduced the product design and development, manufacturing, quality management and other key links in detail, so that all visitors had a close understanding of our industrial automation intelligent manufacturing advanced automation equipment and advanced technical concepts.

After the visit, all visitors came to the conference room, Mr.Bao Min introduced the details of our company’s history and development direction during those 35 years, so that the enterprise representatives have deeper and  more understanding of ALFA.

Subsequently, Wang Youfa of the Tax accountant firm shared the theme of “How to deal with the Fourth Phase of Golden Tax “, analyzed the common problems in the process of corporate tax management and put forward some suggestions for improvement, so as to help everyone better learn, understand and use them.

In the interactive link, the enterprise representatives spoke enthusiastically. While fully introducing the main business and development direction of the enterprise, they communicated with the challenges facing the current industry, the upstream and downstream supply chain and the market environment of the industry.

In the future, Alfa will continue to introduce advanced technology and management concepts, actively respond to the concept of “focusing on industry and integrated development”, promote the innovation and upgrading of enterprises, and cooperate with various enterprises. Seize the opportunity, constantly strengthen the innovation ability of the organizational mechanism and the level of science and technology, strive for greater development, create greater achievements, and contribute more strength to the development of the industry.

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