Traverse Beam Robot

Traverse Beam Robot

Traverse beam robot is one kind of injection molding robot. It is used for different kinds of the horizontal injection molding machine. The vertical arm is a single stage and telescopic stage. The traverse beam can be driven by pneumatic, inverter, or AC servo motor. Using a linear robot arm can improve productivity by 20%-30%, stabilize product quality, reduce the waste rate, reduce the production cost, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and other aspects to play an important role, high accuracy, good stability, and convenience operation.

What is Traverse Beam Robot?

The traverse beam robot is mainly built for use on 50-ton to 150-ton horizontal IMM. It is great for sprue take-out or molded parts. Its design has a maximum 650mm (25.6”) vertical stroke and 1300mm (51”) traverse stroke. Driven by AC servo motors and cylinders, the traverse beam robot will enhance productivity by up to 30%. Moreover, it ensures accurate control output and operator safety.

Traverse Beam Robot Specifications
Control Mode PLC
Drive Mode Pneumatic, Servo Motor
Certification CE, ISO
Application Loading, Welding, Packaging, Take-out, Stacking
Power 220/60/1
Air Pressure Max. 113PSI
Air Consumption .7 cu.ft./cycle
Cycle Time 8s
Take-out time 1.3s
Various Benefits
  • Low noise
  • Long life
  • High efficiency
  • Fast speed
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce product defect rate
  • Reduce waste
  • Accurate control of production
  • Reduce manual
Optional Functions
  • Spraying device
  • Middle plate inspection
  • Air nippers
  • Photoelectric inspection can be added.
Wide Range of Application

The traverse beam robot is suitable for all kinds of horizontal injection machines, applicable for taking out injection mold, including:

  • tent
  • nylon rope
  • umbrella
  • chair caster
  • handbag
  • suitcase, etc.

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