Telescopic Robotic Arm

Telescopic Robotic Arm

Telescopic robotic arm is one kind of linear robot arm, the vertical arm is telescopic stage. Comparing with single stage, the telescopic robotic arm is shorter, so it is more suitable for those workshop with low roof. This kind of robotic arm can be used for inserting, cutting, taking out, stacking in different industries such as home applicance, automobile industry, daily necessity, and 3C fileds, etc.

What is Telescopic Robotic Arm?

There are numerous benefits of using a telescopic robotic arm. First, it makes handling easier. This equipment can maneuver and pick up big things, enabling the operator to handle them easily and quickly. As a result, it can improve productivity and saves time. Other benefits of telescopic robot arms are that it enhances workers’ safety by reducing possible accidents.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Telescopic Robotic Arm

Several factors to consider when selecting a telescopic robotic arm include the product’s weight to be moved, price, power source, warranty, and lifting distance. But the most important factor to consider is the maximum weight the machine can handle. The machine will lead to malfunction when the maximum weight is exceeded.

Moreover, lifting distance also matters. Any machines move loads over little distances while another machine can handle long distances.

The source of power is another factor to consider. It determines the accuracy and speed of the machine. The primary power sources of telescopic robotic arms include electric, manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

Uses of Telescopic Robotic Arm in the Autonomous Mobile Robots

The telescopic robotic arm generates space-saving motions for autonomous mobile robots. There are two compactness requirements to consider:

  1. When not in use, the arm should not interfere with surroundings, such as running.
  2. When performing a job at a specific location, the arm should not interfere with the surrounding obstacles or the robot itself.

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