Take Out Robot

Take-Out Robot

Take out robot is used for injection molding machine to take out the products and sprue. There are two kinds, one is basic linear robot arm, another one is intelligent one. The basic linear robot arm include the fixed mode and teach mode. Fixed mode procedure covers several standard processes for injection molding production, using industrial controllers to do simple, regular and repetitive actions. The teaching mode program is specially suitable for the production of the special process of injection molding machine, through the orderly and safe arrangement of the basic action to achieve the purpose of successful acquisition.
While the intelligent robot generally includes multi-point memory placement, any point standby, more freedom, generally using servo drive, can maximize the imitation perform more complex operation, can also be equipped with advanced sensors, let its visual, tactile and thermal function, make it a highly intelligent injection plastic robot.

What is Take-Out Robot?

The take-out robot is mainly designed to improve injection molding productivity by up to 10%. For instance, it can take out plastic parts from home appliances and automobiles. In addition, it reduces 16% of drive part mass and 29% of take-out cycle time, resulting in the improvement of productivity. The take-out robot is built with an AVC device (Active Vibration Control), which shortened the waiting time by up to 71%.

Performance of Take-Out Robot


Fast taking out of plastic parts will lead to energy saving and time savings.


The take-out robot has high accuracy which allows repetition of taking out the operation.


The robot’s durability allows using for at least 10 to 15 years.


Anyone can handle the take-out robot easily, which leads to increase work efficiency.

Wide Application Scope
  • taking out sprues + products
  • taking our products + products
  • taking out products
  • taking out sprues
  • taking out in synch with the downstream and upstream method
  • taking out sprues + two-color molded products
  • taking out optical disks
Meets International Safety Standards

The take-out robot is qualified under EN/ISO10218, EN/ISO12100, and EN60204 Safety Category  3 Devices. It also meets safety requirements under KCs, GB, and CE.

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