Swing Arm Robot

Swing Arm Robot

Swing Arm Robot

Swing arm robot is the Phoenix series of ALFA robot, mainly used for 30-280 tons of various horizontal injection molding machines to remove finished products and sprue. The single function is used for the sprue picking, and the full function with vacuum function can be used to pick up the sprue and take out the product simultaneously. The rotary assembly mechanism can rotate the product 90 degrees. The function of this robotic arm can increase productivity, reduce product defect rate, ensure operator safety, reduce labor cost and control production precisely and reduce waste.

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What is Swing Arm Robot?

Swing arm robot is a flexible tool ideal for lifting, gripping, rotating, and holding. This type of robot is designed to maneuver and pick up big things. There are various types of swing arm robots. Some industries use this robot for the removal of runners and sprue from the injection molding machine. Then place the sprue into a granular for recycling. Using a swing arm robot enhances safety and minimizes accidents.

Factors to Review When Buying Swing Arm Robot

Weight capacity: If the weight exceeds the limit, the device may malfunction.

Source of power: It is to determine the accuracy and speed. Some of the primary power sources are electric, and manual. There are machines that use pneumatic and hydraulic power sources.

Lifting distance: Some swing arm robots are used for moving loads over longer distances while others are for shorter distances.

Price and warranty are also important factors to consider.

Features and Advantages
  • Compact vertical telescopic arm for double speed and low overall height
  • Save valuable spaces due to integrated control design
  • For peripheral equipment, an integrated control cabinet allows external modules connection
  • High flexibility in placing parts
  • Lightweight with high stability
  • Fast, high-efficiency, and high accuracy
  • Multilingual display option
  • Low noise and most economical choice

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

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