Suction Cup Robot

Suction Cup Robot

The suction cup robot is one kind of robot that using suction cups to make the jig and take out the products. The suction cup can be used on the jigs to take out those products with flat surface. The robot is with high precision and fast, can be used for different industries such as home applicance, automobile industry, daily necessity, and 3C fileds, etc.

What is Suction Cup Robot?

Suction cups robot is used for business that requires lifting and gripping of materials. It helps in the handling of board materials or food, opening bags, picking electronic components, labeling, and holding objects. Soft and gentle enough, the suction cup robot will then avoid any damage during operation. It can accommodate the pressure based on your system needs.

Manufacturers prefer a suction cup robot because of its speed and accuracy when operating on a line. Using the robot can improve production, which results in saving more costs on labor and production costs.

Advantages of Alfarobot Suction Cup Robot
  • Plug + Play
  • Low noise
  • Simple programming
  • Quick installation
  • Complete customization
  • Rapid response time
  • Efficient and easy automation
Suction Cup Robot Applications

Suction cup robots are perfect for picking up uneven and even workpieces, including cardboard, glass, dry sheet metal, and plastic. Because of the customizable bracket and unique air nodes, the suction cup robot gives manufacturers full control over their gripper, ensuring it’s a great fit for your applications. Particularly, the suction cup robots are used for:

  • Pick & Place
  • Assembly
  • Machine Tending
  • Palletizing
  • Strong vacuum flow
  • Low noise level
  • Compact design
Designed for industrial applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Industrial grade components
  • Up to robot payload capacity
Made for collaborative robots
  • Quick installation
  • Simple programming
  • No training necessary
  • Easy to handle
  • Attached to the robot’s wrist
  • No air supply

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

If you are looking for professional robot arm manufacturer, especially injection molding machine robot arm, Alfarobot is your premier choice.

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