Starting from the New · Fighting for ALFA The 35th anniversary of the immersive audio-visual feast came to a successful conclusion

In the middle of summer, everything is full and vibrant. Two factories of ALFA(15th, July in Dongguan and 22nd, July in Suzhou)held the 35th anniversary celebration of “Starting from the New · Fighting for ALFA”. All Alfa people gathered together to look forward to the future and witness this beautiful moment together.

In the middle of summer, everything is full and vibrant. Two factories of ALFA(15th, July in Dongguan and 22nd, July in Suzhou)held the 35th anniversary celebration of “Starting from the New · Fighting for ALFA”. All Alfa people gathered together to look forward to the future and witness this beautiful moment together.

our original aspiration

Breakthrough in growth in Alfa, develop win-win together

Thirty-five years of trials and hardships witnessed the growth of Alfa Industry, 35 years of golden years witnessed Alfa people enterprising, pioneering and innovation. Before the celebration began, Alfa people signed and took photos on the signature wall. A unique visual feast made everyone looking forward to and full of expectations.

Suzhou factory

Dongle factory

Thirty-five years of cultivation has brought the fruit fragrance. There is an old saying that the direction of the sea navigation depends on the helmsman, all things growth depends on the sun, the development of Alfa industry cannot be separated from the vision and planning of the pilot, before the ceremony, the chairman of Alfa industry, Mr. Jack Shih made an speech.

Mr. Shih used the most simple words to review the development of the company 35 years of development history is a history of unremitting struggle for industrial automation, a unyielding, unity, dedication, pioneering and innovation. He extended cordial greetings to the new and old employees who have made positive contributions to the development of the company over the past 35 years. In the past 35 years, ALFA people has adhered to quality and kept for perfection, and escorted the high-quality development of the enterprise. He also said that it is a rare fate for all people to get together and work together in Alfa and hope everyone can cherish the time of working together.

Vice chairman Mr. Chris Yu delivered a speech too. He mentioned his hope that all the staff could take the 35th anniversary as the new starting, under the guidance of the chairman Mr. Shih, continuing to work hard, with a sense of urgency and mission, to seize the dedication and sense of responsibility, self-compression to promote the company on the development of high quality fast lane and wish activities a complete success.

Accompanied by the brisk music rhythm, the big screen plays the 35th anniversary video, pushing the atmosphere to a warm one. Looking back on the road together, the scenes have left a firm and persistent picture, depicting the brave and forward staff style.

Bright with the stars, the passion is surging! The participating leaders took the stage together to start the celebration lights, which illuminated the sincere heart of all the partners of Alfa Industry, and also illuminated the struggle of Alfa Industry. At the same time, they announced opening of the 35th anniversary celebration of Alfa Industry, starting from a new perspective and acting for Alfa.

We, forge ahead

Set sail and write a new chapter in Alfa

To enrich ALFA employees’ experience in the anniversary, Alfa set up different interesting games one week before the celebration of 35-years anniversary. All employees who attended the game showed the determination and confidence and the spirit of unity and collaboration will take into practical action.

Every journey is memorable, every success is worth celebrating, therefore in the 35th anniversary celebration of the day invited Suzhou factory director Mr. Yu, deputy general manager Mr. Jason Shih, deputy general manager Mr. Zhang Quanfeng awarded for the golden/silver/bronze prize for Suzhou factory; General manager Mr. Jacky Linh awarded the Best Group in Dongguan bonuses and honor; General manager Mr. March Tsai awarded the Top sales for robots(Mr. Yushun and CNC machining centers(Mr. Deng Xianbiao). Alfa people step by step, with hard work in exchange for golden fruits, these will be engraved in the development process of Alfa industry. Several award-winning representatives made affectionate speeches, expressing their thanks and best wishes to Alfa, their speech made every partners attend the anniversary understand from the speech the growth and responsibility, firm and faith, and more understand the tacit understanding of the mutual achievement of the platform and the individual.

Over the past 35 years, ALFA has always stayed true to its original aspiration and mission, and established a perfect product system and service mechanism with a pragmatic and persistent fighting spirit. Today, with advanced technology, good reputation, quality service and rich experience, Alfa industry has continued to win the trust and support of the majority of customers and partners.

The representatives of the new and old employees delivered a speech makes everyone feel the love and expectation of Alfa for the big family, review the growth of all ALFA employees and the enterprise, and look forward to a better future together.

We dream for the future

As Heaven keeps moving vigorously, a man of virtue must keep making efforts to improve himself

Alfa, concentric counterparts

Standing at a new starting point, facing the new situation, new opportunities and new challenges, all Alfa partners will play their subjective initiative, first be responsible for their work, continuing to maintain a positive strong morale, work together, drum up energy, and create new achievements!

In 2023, Alfa Industry also ushered in a new brand strategy strong upgrade. Under the guidance of the new strategy, Alfa Industry will anchor its strategic goals and advance all the way.

Alfa’s talented employees who are good at singing and dancing, sang songs on the stage, singing stirring, the people in the audience surging, cheering, all alfa industrial partners Thanksgiving chorus brought the atmosphere of the audience to a climax, all Alfa thanked the company with the development and growth.

In the beautiful melody, in the wonderful performance and lively atmosphere, the leaders of various departments of Alfa industry brought the team to the stage to toast, and all the guests raised their glasses and shouted ” Happy birthday!”.  The atmosphere of the scene boiling up, causing a new round of climax.


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