Spherical Robot Arm

The spherical robot arm comes with near-spherical or spherical work envelopes which positioned in polar coordinate systems. It is more sophisticated compared to cylindrical and Cartesian robots. The control solution of this robot is less complicated than articulated robot arms. This is the reason why it is widely utilized sometimes as a robot kinematics exercise base.

Structure of Spherical Robot Arm

The spherical robot arm has a single linear and double rotary joint that shapes a spherical work envelope. However, there are three basic joints that shape the work envelope. These joints are designed to add more flexibility but completely won’t change the reachable zone. For instance, the rotation of the gripper would be a 4-axis robot while it won’t change the work envelope.

Suitable for Industrial Automation Application
  • Machine equipment tending
  • Assembly operations
  • Spot welding automation cells
  • Diecast method tending
  • Gas welding application
  • Material handling and casting automation application
  • Paint line and painting system tending application
  • Arc welding automation

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