Alfarobot Side Entry Robot

The side entry robot is different from traditional traverse beam robot, the installation is not on top of the injection molding machine, instead, it will be installed at the rear door. The robotic arm will go inside the mold from the side, not from the top, so the side entry robot is very situable for those workshop is not high enough for traverse beam robot. This kind of robot is faster than traverse beam robot, but it requires more space at rear side of the machine.

What is Alfarobot Side Entry Robot?

The side entry robot is designed that provide reliability, versatility, and robustness. This style of side entry robot is suitable for diverse market sectors and endless applications, including pharmaceutical, medical, household, and plastics. It has high-speed features that contribute to production efficiency and fast-running sustainability. 

As a specialist, Alfarobot is pleased to continue developing high-specification side-entry robots with standout configuration, innovation, and bespoke design and technical automation. Alfarobot has a full range of proficiency to give sophisticated solutions and fulfill clients’ industrial requirements.

The Safest Option For Quick Solutions

Easy Operation

Designed with a touch-screen control panel that enables easy operations via a simple and automatic interface. 

Flexible Structure

Has wide application scope — extendable robotic system, custom option vertical axis for low ceilings, prevention-oriented integration with some injection machine brands.

Methodical Production

The side entry robot is assembled with collaborative motion construction in all axis. The lightweight design and rigid construction of the servo robotic system are capable of delivering energy and production efficiency.

Stable Structure

Specialized having a compact and stable control panel structure, guarantee for easy operation, maintenance-free, high positioning accuracy.

Efficiently Utilizing High-Speed Robot

Side entry robot utilization reduces production faults to a bare minimum, allowing for consistent and projected daily output capacity regardless of the operator.

Also, it protects products from damage caused by physical contact with molds. Furthermore, side-entry robot employment ensures appropriate job safety measures.

Alfarobot Production Service Advantage
  • Accelerated Cycles.

Alfarobot performs massive design and production for side entry robots to cover and respond to the most demanding situation in the industry. 

  • Custom-made.

All side-entry robot is produced that fully acquires customers’ general needs and requirements. 

  • Total Reliability. 

Alfarobot utilizes the best components and advanced technologies in manufacturing side entry robots to ensure optimal and consistent performance.

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

If you are looking for professional robot arm manufacturer, especially injection molding machine robot arm, Alfarobot is your premier choice.

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