Robotic Arm Packaging

Robot arm for packaging provides a lot of advantages across different applications and industrial sectors. Packaging robots can provide more productivity, accuracy, and speed, unlike manual processing. When used correctly, it can offer a fast return on investment. These robots are flexible enough to ensure that they can be easily integrated into a fast-paced environment and workspaces.

If integrated with the correct end-of-arm tooling, packaging robots can accomplish a wide range of packaging processes. Industrial robotic arm for packaging is available in different mounting options, sizes, vision technology, EOAT, software upgrades, and more.

How Robotic Arms are Used in the Food Packaging Industry?

Packaging industries have increased their productivity by using a robotic arm to palletize, erect, or pack different products. Below are the different functions of robotic arm packaging:

  • Pick and Place

A robotic arm that is used for picking and placing can perform assembly, packaging, bin picking, and inspection. These robotic arms are usually lightweight and small in size. There are different types of robotic arms used in pick and place including Delta, cartesian, fast pick, and more.

  • Palletizing

Different palletizing processes a robotic arm can provide are the following:

  1. Case palletizing
  2. Battery palletizing
  3. Bag palletizing
  4. Scrap metal palletizing
  5. Robotic depalletizing, and more


  • Depending

Robotic arm packaging can be used for removing items in the pan or containers such as baked goods. Robotic arms are very useful and handy in removing cakes or cupcakes in a mass-production system where the goods are placed in a large pan.

  • Denesting

The de-nesting process is executed by robotic arm packaging along with the de-panning process. In this process, the robotic arm removes the packages from a stack.

  • Boxing

Robotic arm packaging can be used for boxing an item to be prepared for shipment. It can individually pick a packaged product so it can be grouped in different cases and boxes.

  • Warehousing

Transporting the packaged products can be done easily with robotic arm packaging. Therefore, warehouses can most benefit from this technology. Food and other industries can benefit from packaging robot arm automated warehousing, speed, and safety.

Different Types of Robotic Arms Used for Packaging

The most common robot types used in the packaging industry are the following:

  • Articulated robots
  • Cartesian robots
  • SCARA robots
  • Delta robots
Packaging Robot Tasks

Robotic arms for packaging are designed to perform the following tasks.

  • Opening packaging
  • Filling
  • Transporting
  • Sealing
  • Coding
  • Labeling

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