Robot Gripper

Robot Gripper

The robot gripper, also known as end-of-arm tooling, is one of the most important parts of the robot system. It is a device that enables robots to pick up and hold objects. It’s a tool that allows robots to take up and hold objects. Grippers, when connected with a collaborative robot (or ‘cobot’) arm, allow manufacturers to automate important tasks including inspection, assembly, pick and place, and machine tending.

Some grippers are designed to resemble human hands, complete with five fingers, however, this is not always the case. Grippers with two and three fingers, claw-shaped grippers, mechanical grippers, grippers with enormous suction cups, and even grippers that appear like air-filled bags are available. With so many options, determining which robot gripper types are best suited to specific applications can be challenging.

Types of Grippers

Robot grippers are classified into 5 main types, with each type depending on the methods deployed to control the gripper itself.

  • Vacuum grippers – To lift, hold, and move objects, vacuum grippers employ the difference between atmospheric pressure and a vacuum.
  • Pneumatic grippers – A pneumatic gripper operates its ‘jaws’ (also known as ‘fingers’) with compressed air and pistons. However, it is commonly found in 2-finger and 3-finger configurations.
  • Hydraulic grippers – Hydraulic grippers, which are powered by hydraulic fluids, have greater gripping force than pneumatic grippers, making them excellent for heavy-duty applications.
  • Electric grippers – It is a popular option for cobot applications, such as pick & place and machine tending. It offers high speed and light-moderate gripping force.
Easy to Integrate

The robot gripper is an excellent match for UR. It installs quickly on the Universal Robot arm, and our Gripper UR+ makes configuration and programming simple.

Most industrial robot manufacturers are compatible with them. We offer hardware and communication options for installing the Gripper on most industrial robots.

Benefits of Robot Gripper

Universal Robots plug-in:

-Enables rapid and easy commissioning, dependable operation, and simple programming of the Festo gripper-equipped robot.

Plug and play:

-With the proper mechanical and electrical interfaces to the Universal Robot and software.

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