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Alfarobot Robot Cylinder

A robot cylinder has a primary arm that moves upward and downward rather than pivoting on the axis series. It has a structure that virtually receives applied load with a full-length frame as well as rotation-stop function and high load resistance ability. Its rotation is produced by motors and gears, while its vertical motion is initiated through a pneumatic cylinder.

In addition, robot cylinders utilize a dimensional coordinate system and tend to be quite fast and highly efficient in automation performance.

Cylindrical Robot Applications

Some examples of cylindrical robot applications are:

  • Automated spot welding
  • Handling of casting and molding machines by robots
  • Machine handling applications in general
  • Package assembling and palletizing are typical of material handling applications.
  • Applications using robotic coating and finishing
  • Assembly processes that are automated
Robot Cylinder Highlighting Qualities
  • Not complex for installation and use. 
  • Fairly complete solutions with minimal assembly.
  • Highly automated
  • Long-life tool
  • Increase throughput 
  • Accomplishing several production automation projects
  • Built-in guide functions
Choosing the Best Robot Cylinder

Determining the following factors will give a direct connection that responds to selecting the best type of robotic cylinder:

  • Load
  • Orientation
  • Travel
  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Operating environment 
  • Duty cycle
  • Safety and maintenance

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