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Alfarobot Pick and Place Robot

The pick and place robot is a revolutionized and most utilized automation machine in the modern manufacturing process. As the name states, its function generally involves picking and placing in different locations, whether they are products, components, and other loads. 

Pick and place robots come in a variety of designs and are configured in various end-of-arm tooling options, utilized in different applications, including packaging, assembly, or bin. In addition, it is typically placed on a stable stand, strategically positioned that reaches the entire working task.

Industrial Applications for Pick and Place Robot

The pick-and-place robot is a fundamental piece of equipment in numerous manufacturing facilities. Common industries that initially uses pick-and-place robot are the following:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Automotive and Electronics
  • Retail
  • Plastics
  • Research
  • Delivery 

On the other hand, below are a few of the most common applications that utilize pick and place robots and describing how they are used:

  • Assembling. Pick and place robot is used in gathering all incoming multiple components from one location and assembling them on another piece of the item or components. 
  • Packaging.  As a packaging advantage, the pick-and-place robot grabs the items and places them into packaging containers or boxes at a higher speed. 
  • Bin Picking. For bin-picking applications, pick and place robots potentially work on picking up a certain item from a bin and sending them to another location whether assembly or packaging. Furthermore, it is equipped with a high vision system, allowing them to identify shapes, sizes, and colors while picking the right item, especially from a bin that contains random mixed items. 
  • Inspections. A pick-and-place robot is configured with an advanced vision system, capable of recognizing defective products. It automatically removes the defective item from the production line and sets them in a designated location before they could reach the final stages of production.
Various Types of Pick and Place Robots

There are numerous varieties of pick and place robots, including:

  • Cartesian robots
  • Robotic arm
  • Fast pick robots
  • Delta robots
  • Collaborative robots
Alfarobot Offers Several Advantages of Pick and Place Robots

Alfarobot Pick and Place robots have various advantages.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Productivity

A pick-and-place robot is more productive than a human counterpart due to its faster operation speed.

  • Uninterrupted Production

Human workers require breaks, which might cause disruptions in the production line.

  • Consistency

A pick-and-place robot will work on accurate mathematical principles, therefore there will be no errors and the end result will be a consistent operation.

  • Protection

Robots pose no such risk, resulting in increased worker safety.

  • ROI (Return on Investment)

The pick-and-place robots allow businesses to reduce operating costs by making a minimal initial investment. There are no salaries or benefits to be paid.

  • Throughput

Pick-and-place robots have a better throughput since they can move numerous things in a short period of time.

Choosing the Right Pick and Place Robot

When deciding a pick-and-place robot for the factory’s operation needs. It is necessary to consider the following factors, including:

  • The number of axes and degree of freedom determine how freely a pick-and-place robot can move in different directions. More axes number indicate greater flexibility. 
  • Reach refers to the entire working envelope that a pick-and-place robot can reach. It involves evaluating the robot’s motion range that determines the maximum vertical and horizontal distances. 
  • Speed is when a pluck and place robot can work. It greatly affects the productivity and efficiency of the entire manufacturing operations. 
  • Payload refers to the maximum weight transferred from one point to another, including the weight of its tooling.
  • Repeatability describes the potential of a pick-and-place robot in picking and dropping workpieces precisely at the exact position within each sequence it completes. 
Alfarobot Pick and Place Robot Technologies and Specifications
  • Commonly uses delta robots or collaborative robots. 
  • Easy-programmable systems
  • Total throughput can reach up to more than 200 products per minute
  • Vision system configuration is reliable in identifying more than 100 products on a moving conveyor per second
  • Superior picking accuracy and tool compensation 
  • Attain production speed and output consistency

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