Palletizing Robot Arm

Palletizing Robot Arm





The palletizing robot arm is designed to pick, place, and orient individual products and then arrange them in a single stack load. Its end-of-arm palletizing can be a suction, mechanical, and magnetic gripper. Aside from this can make time to market, bottom line, and labor needs. This palletizing robot arm can give options in terms of payload, sizes, speeds for precision, cycle time, and most important care in handling any products.


Excellent Features of Palletizing Robot Arm

The palletizing robot provides excellent features such as:

  • Reduce operating cost and improves ergonomic conditions
  • High system reliability
  • Superior up-time
  • It helps to increase the density, accuracy, and stability of pallet loads
  • Provides fully automated operations
  • Seamless integrations are scalable and flexible with business growth
  • And many more.
Factors to Consider when Choosing Palletizing Robot Arm
  • Product sizes, weight, shapes, and packaging
  • Labor cost and availability
  • Available footprint and facility layout
  • `robotic payload, reach, and speeds
  • Number of infeed and outfeeds line
  • Pallet stacking pattern complexity and variety
  • Throughout rates for the determination of robot numbers
  • Factory acceptance testing and so on.
Specifications and Technology

Palletizing Robot Arm are equipped of different technologies such as:

  • Pallet dispensers
  • Automatic stretch wrappers
  • Pallet turn tables
  • Tier sheet dispensers or automatic slip sheets
  • Infeed conveyors that design to deliver products to robot
  • Outfeed pallet conveyors that help to take pallets away
  • Safety fencing and other safety devices
  • Robot with EoAT and design options for compression plates, zone vacuum cups, with or without bottom, clamshell, universal vacuum pads and more.
Main Application of Palletizing Robot Arm
  • Bag Palletizing – The palletizing robot arm is widely used for palletizing bags, bag labeling, check weighing, bag flattering, bag squaring, and more.
  • Raw, case and full layer palletizing – Palletizing robot arms are also designed to palletize a multitude of different cases, from different shapes, weights, sizes, and materials such as plastic cartons, corrugated boxes, aluminum or metal cartons, etc.
  • Solution for custom palletizing – Custom palletizing is a solution for a wide challenging application, especially for harsh environments, like hazardous products, difficult to handle, refrigerated warehouses, and many more.
Different Types of Palletizing Robot Arm

This robot arm is available in different types including:

  • Gantry style. It is a frame structure with overhead spans and side supports. This is designed for heavy loads at the lowest speeds.
  • Layer forming style. It involves a series of robots. It is a simple system with one pedestal-style robot mounted along a conveyor.
  • It is a type of palletizer robot arm that is like an arm machine mounted on pedestal. It can paint in various colors such as white, beige, yellow, red, and more.
  • Mixed case configurations. This type of palletizer is able to take cases and boxes of different sizes and shapes and can make stable layers.

Aside from that, there are also SCARRA robots, Delta robots, collaborative robots, 6-axis industrial robots,

Advantages of Palletizing Robot Arms
  • Compact. The palletizing has a compact and streamlined design that enables quick and easy integration into the existing system.
  • Easy to maintain. Almost all components of the palletizers are equipped with low-wear drive trains. It also has an advanced and robust design to give long maintenance intervals.
  • Versatile. Palletizing robot arm comes in a wide range of different payload capacities, special variants, and reaches. All energy supply and interfaces system are designed for versatility.
  • Powerful. It belongs to the fastest palletizer on the market while offering the utmost repeatability and precision. Due to its lightweight, streamlined design it can achieve greater dynamic performance, higher throughout of stacking, bags or boxes and shorter cycles time.

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