Material Removal Robot

Alfarobot Material Removal Robot

A material removal robot aids the manufacturer elevates the safety level in their working environments and keeping all workers away from harmful fumes and dust associated with these operations. It provides greater control over performing the most precise and efficient material removal process, generating flawless and consistent edges. 

On the other hand, the material removal robot is suited to various end-of-arm tooling types. It is fully equipped with vision systems and a force control system that produces the superior accuracy required to persistently eliminate the exact quantity of material from the workpiece without any deviations.

Operational Advantages
  • The material removal robot follows a path developing better consistency than the skillful operator. 
  • Easily programmed and adjusted, and can be performed in multiple operations.
  • It has an excellent ability in overcoming skill shortages.
  • Helps manufacturers save materials costs.
  • Spend less time on producing replacements for damaged parts.
  • Its high level of repeatability will result in high-quality and uniform products for all consumers.
Enhance Product Quality Processes with Automated Robot Material Removal

Polishing, grinding, trimming, cutting, and deburring are a few examples of automated material removal processes.

These processes are necessary due to the motion and positioning requirements, tool wear inaccuracy, and force control.

Alfarobot has created software solutions to many of the obstacles associated with material removal applications.


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