What is Material Handling Robot?

Material handling robots refer to automotive machine that aids the production process and makes unsafe tasks or slow progress into a much easier procedure. The products’ control, security, and movements from manufacturing to distribution guarantee accomplishment. Equipment used frequently for material handling includes robot units, conveyor belts, and other automated machine technologies. 

Additionally, material-handling robots improve the efficiency of production and product quality within a reasonable time. This type of material handling encompasses multiple product directions. And they also come in a comprehensive variety that accommodates various utilizations. It is equipped with high-speed transfer and a well-optimized system. 

Advantages of Material Handling Robot

Enhanced Work Conditions

Material handling processes prevent unwanted injuries in the workplace—the machine takes the most challenging work from manual labor’s hands. This automated system eliminates workers’ need to labor manually around heavy materials, reducing accidents. 

Greater Accuracy

Utilizing handling robots guarantees much more accuracy than a manual process, with even more extensive applications, considering that the automotive machine has a system for particular functions. Achieving a level of accuracy and efficiency while loading the product is possible.

Enhance Flexibility

Automated machines such as material handling make it easier to adjust preferred processes and systems as required — for example, when integrating other technologies into the operations. The machine’s system will automatically operate per how it is programmed continually.

Cost Efficient 

Using handling systems can help save a considerable cost on a long process. The work will be reduced and performed more efficiently, and productivity levels will increase significantly. These machines guarantee a significant return on investment over the manual process.

Optimized Utilization

There are numerous ways in which automation optimizes the space utilization of the establishment. The best example is the automated forklifts, which allow storing in higher places. In other words, it can utilize the already available space effectively.

Order Fulfillment 

Errors in the management or fulfillment of orders and inventory decreased thanks to this automation. Delivery and shipping, which are essential for improving customer satisfaction, benefit more.

Material Handling Robot Applications

Material handling robots are the best solution for repeatedly performed applications or processes. Several subcategories of material handling are: 

  • Injection molding
  • Press tending
  • Machine loading
  • Dispensing
  • Palletizing
  • Sealing
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Polishing
  • Painting
  • And more. 
Functions in Supply Chain

From manufacturing to the distribution of products, material-handling robots play a significant role in the supply chain. Here are the four specific stages of the most typical process:

Manufacturing. Material handling transports goods from manufacturers and storage facilities to incoming shipments. 

Transportation. Currently, the products are being supplied to the warehouses as units using material handling to be possible. 

Storage. Offloading is required to deliver securely and efficiently. When finished, the items will be kept in storage racks or shelving.

Distribution. The final steps include sending, picking, or packing the goods into shippable units and loading them into trucks for distribution. 

Equipment Categories

It is essential to understand the potential for the best material handling systems and their typical functions. Examples of material handling are shown here, along with a brief description.

  • Storage Equipment. The design of this equipment is mainly for storage and handling objectives, including holding materials not even being used. Although it is not automated, this equipment can use for short and long periods. They are ideal for organizing, navigating, accessing, and transporting all sizes of materials. Racks, mezzanines, and stacking frames are the common types of this equipment. 
  • Bulk Equipment. This equipment has been developed mainly for transporting and handling more extensive material volumes, either in loose or bulk form— the most typical latter. Bulk equipment is also used in various conveyor belts to haul flexible materials horizontally. Equipment frequently used includes silos, bucket elevators, reclaimers, grain elevators, and hoppers. 
  • Industrial Trucks. Industrial trucks are one of the most inclusive and well-known categories in handling equipment. This equipment is intended to move materials and pallets throughout the warehouse and is either manually operated or powered. The following are the common examples of industrial trucks: Pallet jacks, order pickers, side-loaders, and walkie-stackers. 
  • Automated System. The same with storage and manipulating equipment, the automated system enables easy handling, storage, and transporting of materials according to dimensions and volumes. This system comes with different typical types, including conveyor systems, robotic delivery systems, ASRS, Auto mobile robots, and Automatic guided vehicles. 
Optimizing Material Handling Techniques

Here are the valuable strategies for optimizing material handling robots and processes.

  1. Evaluating the latest condition of material handling procedures
  2. Automating the material handling techniques
  3. Analyzing the flow and storage operations
  4. Implementing a smart storage arrangement
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