What are Machine Tending Robots?

The machine-tending robots are robotic system that automatically loads and unloads a manufacturing machine. The common machine they work with is the CNC and injection molding machines. Other immense machine tool suppliers provide robotic loading or unloading for ex-operation typical options. On the other hand, in most utilization, layouts, workpieces, and workflows are specialized with system integrators. And that provides independent and standardized robotic automation. 

Robotic machine tending is also typical in the metalworking industry. They can accurately load & unload components and remove manual procedure inconsistencies whether the process is milling, grinding, turning, or drilling. The machine-tending robots are limitless to metals. They also work with ceramics, composites, and polymers. 

Benefits of Robotic Machine Tending

Flexibility – Utilizing robotic CNC equipment and production enables improved flexibility than fixed automation solutions. The machine-tending robots are quicker and easier to reuse for other required works. That helps your investment last and maintain efficient operations. 

System Operation – The robotic machine tending can accommodate various machines and operate a secondary process. That helps heighten the system’s uptime and general productivity.

Operation Cost – Compared to labor-used performing tasks, using robotic machine tending has overall lower costs. The robots don’t require vacations, breaks, or even health insurance. Thus, they can work all the time if needed. 

Production – The tending robots provide increased speed, performance, and consistency. And that leads to efficient production. Automating works will maximize output qualities with accuracy and movement consistency. That achieves reduced finished product variation. 

Safety and Satisfaction – Using automated or robotic machines for repetitive tasks will minimize potential employee injuries. These machines make their operation safer. Besides, the employees can focus on higher-value tasks instead of doing their job manually. 

How Machine Tending Robot Works

The robotic machine tending structure substitutes human interference for picking up items from the stock position to the machine. It places and orients the products carefully, handles the machine, removes the final piece, and positions them on the outfeed mechanism.

Thus, the robotic machine tending labels complicated controls and material transportation. That goes behind typical materials managing processes. Handling such tasks using robots lessens inaccurate product positioning because of human mistakes. And that may increase the speed and production efficiency. Alfarobot provides extremely reliable robotic systems that decrease constant interruptions. 

Robotic Machine Tending Applications

The machine tending robots are effectively utilized for automating production processes, such as follows:

  • Welding and etching
  • Scrap material handling
  • Flash removal, deburring
  • Quality management and checking
  • Trimming, for pressing, stamping, and punching
  • Grinding
  • Handling delicate products
  • CNC turning and milling
  • EDM
  • Compression molding
Technologies and Identifications

The following states some specifications of a robotic machine tending system.

  • AI-generated vision system selections or 3D
  • Various accessories for handling extra processes, including vision inspection, item labeling, and barcode confirming.
  • Handles products that range from 1 pound to 1,764 pounds
  • Equipment interlocks and safety arrangement
  • Customized style EoAT built to achieve product specifications
  • Can tend to about five machines at one time
  • Operates about 720 cycles per hour
Factors to Consider

Alfarobot analyzes various considerations when searching the suitable machine-tending robot solutions. Consider the following:

  • Product handling: weight, type, and dimensions
  • Product operation and delicacy levels
  • Before and after production requirements
  • Machine vision needs
  • Sofware and robotic system necessities
  • The latest manufacturing process and machine
  • Desired production rate
  • Required custom EoAT
  • Environmental conditions needed for robotic IP ratings
  • Factory Acceptance Testing that guarantees standard solutions
  • Infeed technique and product positioning
Machine Tending Robots Solutions

Alfarobot provides various robotic machine tending solutions to fit different areas and applications. 

  • Compact Solutions: This robot machine comes with small footprints, ideal in most manufacturing facility spaces. They have water and dust protection when routering cables by the wrist. Other suppliers prefer compact ones that run straight into the equipment tool.
  • All-In-One-Tending: It is a robot that has compact and designed with about six axes. This system is perfect for small standalone cell robotic machine tending. The all-in-one tending can control the whole cell and extra peripheral axis.
  • Faster Tool Changes: This certain mounting type of robot includes efficient tool changes. It can operate with a large tool range, handling numbers, depending on their weight.
  • Multiple Load Machines: There is a robotic machine tending system that mounts into rails, walls, ceilings, and floors, saving facility space. They are ideal for tending to numerous machine tools that increase production and manufacturing time.
  • Quick Loading Random Items: This system comes with high-speed processing that involves vision bin-picking solutions. It sometimes boasts up to 99.97%, dramatically speeding up even the complex picking works.
  • Unmanned Machining: A robotic machine tending solution that offers 720 hours of a seamless process, and muti-operation between loading & unloading parts and cells. It can also be linked to about eight machines. 

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

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