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LV series machines are our light machining centers, the advantage of which is high speed and high cost performance. It is suitable for product processing, such as auto parts, aluminum die-casting parts finishing, automatic equipment parts processing, and plastic mold and other light cutting.
The newly developed LVA model adds an exchange table to the original machine to reduce workpiece clamping time, which is suitable for batch product processing.

The product was improved and adjusted to a high-power motor. The spindle inner and outer diameters are also all enlarged by 70/150mm to facilitate the use of heavy-cutting products by customers.

1. The company itself has a monopoly over the assembly, machining, and sheet metal departments. To give clients the comfort of after-sales peace of mind, the organization rigorously mandates that every department do an inspection.
2. With regard to machine performance, our company rigorously selects some machine tool industry-supporting more established brands as suppliers, ensuring a specific level of spare parts life assurance.

LV series

High-performance Economical Vertical Machining Center









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FANUC Series

High reliability, high cost performance, and stable, reliable and accurate system

Suitable for precision mould and high speed machining

High-speed and high-precision nanometer


1. Why is the width of LV series three-axis rail 35mm, and why other brands use 45mm?

It is better to simply say that the width of the line rail of the same brand is wider, but it depends entirely on the products processed by the customer. If the speed and accuracy are pursued, 35mm is completely sufficient. In addition, whether the 45mm used by other brands is genuine and how long it will last is still unknown. If you simply say that 45 will definitely be better than 35, it is not workable.

2.Why can't the Z-axis height of the LV-1000L machine have a stroke of 600mm, so that the height of the four-axis is limited if it is installed?

Our LV-1000L machine is a standard machine, the set stroke of the model is 1000*600*500mm, and the stroke of the HV-1000L model is 1000*600*600mm. If the customer chooses or installs a four-axis, the installation requirements can be met by heightening the column.

3.If the machine column is raised to achieve four-axis processing, how to solve the problem of not using four axes to do plate products Z axis down later?

This phenomenon has occurred to many customers
1. Customers can deploy the machine according to the order situation at the site to use
2. If the machine must be used, you can add a vice table or magnetic table to solve
3. This problem will be submitted to the company, and we will strive to make the XYZ axis travel of LV machine more reasonable, such as: LV-855L travel 850*550*550MM, LV-1160L travel 1100*600*600, etc.

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