Love in the spring · love full 38 | bless the goddess happy holidays!

Goddess Festival
Love in the spring full 38
They are clear air refreshing blowing, gentle care of the family
They are the mountains and rivers in the surging power, firmly struggle in the workplace
They are the flowers in full bloom of vitality, passion chase dream
Their figure is everywhere, their beautiful thousands and thousands of ways
Salute every unique, shining goddess
In the name of the poem salute the most beautiful you
The spring breeze is getting warmer and hundreds of plants are smelling.With the spring footsteps light approaching, belonging to the majority of women of the 114th “38” International Women’s Day is also coming, Aierfa to actively implement the welfare of female workers, care and sympathy, on March 8th for all Aierfa goddess holiday half a day, at the same time for all the goddess prepared a small gift, and send the most sincere blessing, in order to express their respect and gratitude.

Gentle sonorous youth bloom
In Aierfa, there is such a “her” power, independent, confident, beautiful, know struggle, willing to devote, shining in their own post.In the development of the company, they play an irreplaceable “half the sky” role, is an important force to promote the development of the company. The holiday gifts represent the company’s care and blessing to them, warm the heart of every goddess, enhance their sense of belonging and cohesion, make them with a grateful heart, turn this care into power, work hard, and add power to promote the development of the enterprise.

I believe that in the future, the majority of female employees of the company will work harder and continue to contribute more power to the development of the company.
Finally, I wish the goddesses work smoothly, live a happy life, and be healthier and more beautiful in the new year!

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