Linear Robot Arm

Linear Actuator Robot Arm

Linear Robot Arm

The linear robot arm, we also call it traverse beam robot, mainly used for horizontal injection molding machine to take out the product and runner. The vertical arm is single stage and telescopic stage. The traverse beam can be driven by pneumatic, inverter or AC servo motor. By using a linear robot arm can improve the productivity by 20%-30%, stabilize the product quality, reduce the waste rate, reduce the production cost, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and other aspects to play an important role, high accuracy, good stability, convenient operation.

What Is Linear Robot Arm?

Linear robots are industrial robots also known as cartesian or gantry robots. It has 2-3 main axes that move in a straight line as its name implies. They work as opposed to rotating and are positioned at the right angle to one another. The wrist can be moved inside and outward; up and down by sliding the three joints. They are most effective for simpler operations that don’t call for the same range of motion as a 6-axis robotic arm.

Linear robotics tend to be more accurate because there are no rotating axes. That means they are the perfect automation solution for those tedious repetitive chores. Unlike other automation devices, linear robotics systems are adaptable to specific needs. Plus, it can be readily reprogrammed to accommodate product changes. Compared to other types of robots, linear robots are more cost-effective.

Usage of Linear Robot Arm

Assembly process: It processes forming, cutting, dispensing, etc. Ideal to use where extended reach is required.

Palletizing: Increases reliability and productivity.

Packaging solution: It allows non-stop production and can operate automatically.

Sorting: it can streamline the monotonous and manual process of sorting making it safer and more efficient.

Pick and place solution: linear robot arm or cartesian robot has high spot-on accuracy. It minimizes errors in placing and picking.

Different Types of Linear Robot Arm
  • T-bolt Gantry Robot
  • H-Bot Gantry Robot
  • X/Y Cartesian Robot
  • X/Y/Z Cartesian Gantries
  • TT Table-Top Series Robots
  • High-speed Cartesian Robot CT4
  • ISPA/IC SPA Single-Axis & Cartesian Robot Series
  • IK Series Multi-Axes
  • NS/LSA ISA Cartesian System
Applications of Linear Actuator Robot Arm

Industrial conveyor

Optics inspection

Laser cutting and engraving

Time-lapse tracking dolly

3D printer

CNC machine

Pick and Lane

SMT machine

Cartesian Robot Properties
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rust-free
  • Low noise
  • High speed and accurate
  • High precision

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