Lathe Machine Center

The lathe machine center is an efficient automated machine used to conduct numerous machining operations. The machine is commonly used for removal processing, such as removing materials from the workpiece and making it the ideal size and shape.

Lathe Machine Center Main Components


The headstock is frequently found on the left side of lathe machines. It is provided with chucks, spindles, gears, feed controllers, and gear speed control levers.


The tailstock is often found on the right side of the lathe machine center and the workpiece is assisted at the end.


All the parts of the lathe machines are bolted to the bed.


It is found between the tailstock and headstock. The carriage contains a saddle, apron, cross slide, compound rest, and tool post.

Lead Screw

This type of component is used to proceed with the carriage during threading.

Feed Rod

The feed rod is used to proceed the carriage from right to left and vice versa.

Chip Pan

Chip pan attends at the lathe bottom. It is widely used to accumulate the chips which are produced during lathe operation.

Hand Wheel

A wheel operated by hand in to move numerous lathe parts such as a carriage, cross slide, and tailstock.

Common Machining Operation


A process of creating work parts that are cylindrical but may be moved into multiple tapered and/or diameters.

Facing Off

The process of squaring off the bar end is found in a chuck. Also used to create a flat surface on a casting.


Drills can be found in the fed and tailstock close to a rotating workpiece.


A machining process by which a formerly drilled hole is produced larger by passing it a boring tool found in the toolpost.

Different Types of Lathe Machine Center

Center or Engine Lathe

The engine lathe machine possesses all the parts like the saddle, bed, tailstock, etc. It can feed easily the cutting tool in lateral and longitudinal directions with the help of the feed mechanism.

Speed Lathe

Speed lathe machine also known as wood lathe has speed ranges between 1200 rpm to 3600 rpm. It is used for centering, spinning, machining, and polishing wood.

Turret or Capstan Lathe

Widely used for large quantity production. The capstan and turret lathe is a personalized version of the engine lathe. This machine provides a hexagonal turret head and is consist of three tool posts.

Tool Room Lathe

Tool room lathes are used in die gauges, tool working, grindings, and machining work which accuracy is essential. These machines operate up to 2500rpm speed.

Bench Lathe

Bench lathe is widely used for small precision work as it has a small size. Its parts are similar to the speed lathe and engine lathe. This type of machine is mounted on the bench.

Automatic Lathe

The automatic lathe can automatically perform work. The benefits of this machine are that the single operator can handle more than four to five machines at a time.

Special Purpose Lathe

This type of machine performs special operation types which can’t perform on other machines. Special-purpose lathe includes wheel lathes, vertical lathes, multi-spindle lathes, T-lathes, tracer lathes, production lathes, etc.

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machine uses computer programs for controlling machine tools. Widely used for large production like turret and capstan.

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