jointed arm robot

Jointed Arm Robot

Jointed Arm Robot

The jointed arm robot is a kind of robot that stimulate human hands’ function and control, is programmable, and is controlled by some certain system to realize the automation. It can automatically perform work and is a machine with its own power and control ability to achieve a variety of functions.

What is a Jointed Arm Robot?

Jointed arm robot originally known as an articulated arm robot is a robot with rotational joints. It is an advanced machine that executes a specific task or job accurately. Generally, motor-driven, this robot is valued in the machining, industrial production, and manufacturing sectors. It is composed of the shoulder, upper arm, trunk, and wrists. All the joints can rotate freely which allows an independent motion.

Alfarobot jointed arm robot is available in different ranges and load capacities. It comes from simple 2-jointed structures to more than 10 interacting joints. The robot features maintenance-free and self-lubricating. To reduce backlash, optimized bearing support is added on each axis. Jointed arm robot enhances work safety in increase the operating cost.

Articulated arm robot has a precise control system that provides a high degree of accuracy. It is ideal for different industries such as automotive, aerospace, metals, electronics, food and beverages, etc. The designs and structure are perfect for the highly repetitive procedure and rapid performance. Alfarobot jointed arm robot combines technical advancement and software to enhance production.

What are the Parts and Components of Articulated Robot?

The industrial articulated robot’s major components include:

  • Strain wave gear
  • Robotic joints
  • Rotary axis with motor
  • Gearbox with cantilever actuator
  • Gearbox joint with motor
  • Strain wave gears with motors
Which Applications are Jointed-arm Robots Best Suited For?

The jointed arm robot is perfect for assembly tasks, spot, laser, and tack welding.

It is also used for:

  • Palletizing
  • Polishing
  • Milling
  • Feeding Machine Tools, and
  • Tool handling.

This is also best for quality assurance and testing procedures.

What are the Biggest Properties of Jointed Arm Robot?

Performance – Alfarobot produces products with innovative drive technology. Our jointed-arm robot offers impressive repeat accuracy and highly efficient drive.

Cost-benefit ratio – We are developing an articulated robot at an inexpensive cost. It is easy to operate and affordable.

Intuitive operation –  Our articulated robot does not require high knowledge of the operation. It is programmable and features a graphical interface.

Innovative kinematics – Alfarobot articulated robot has an innovative drive concept that provides an optimum ratio of load capacity.

What are the Key Features of Articulated Robot?

Jointed arm robot offers multiple features like a high level of flexibility and low interference volume.

This has a high degree of reusability and requires a small base area.

Cycle time is reduced, shortening the downtime cases and high load capacities.

What are the Usage of Jointed Arm Robot?

Alfarobot articulated robot arm is programmable for a specific task or role. Here are some of the programs available.

  • LOAD: Our articulated robot has a different load capacity. It has frameworks that allow increasing and decreasing load capacity.
  • SPEED: Changes in speed settings is easy to set specially for longer distance. Acceleration is required when choosing an articulated robot.
  • ORIENTATION: Articulated robot can be placed or positioned in any place where the operation is performed. This robot requires physical clearance space to operate a range of movements.
  • PRECISION: Alfarobot ensures that our product is designed for precise articulation. For various applications, our articulated robot is capable of providing precise repeatable movement.
Does a Jointed Arm Robot Require High-maintenance?

The maintenance may vary depending on the number of workloads and duration of usage.

The frequency and type of service measures are performed.

Jointed arm robot support arms can be replaced immediately and are affordable.

What are the Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Jointed-arm Robot?

In ordering a jointed arm robot, all the components must be selected according to the required application.

Components for special applications should also be considered:

  • Effectors
  • Clamping
  • Feeding system
  • Safety-relevant components, and
  • Sensors
How Much Does a Jointed-arm Robot Cost?

Jointed arm robot cost depends on the required designs.

The jointed arm robot itself has its own cost and add-on parts have different prices too.

There are costs for parts such as control units, safety barriers, suction cups, and other tools.

How Much Expertise is Necessary to Use a Jointed-arm Robot?

Jointed arm robot has advanced software and high-tech sensors which lower the demand for robot specialist.

It has a touchscreen interface that allows users to set up the program in minutes.

There is no specialized knowledge needed.

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