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HV series have high speed and high efficiency cutting performance. The machine body adopts extra-large solid base, high rigidity large span herringbone column, small deformation for high speed cutting.
The machine adopts straight knot type spindle head. The wide slider surface greatly improves the stability of the head operation, provides solid support for the high-speed operation of the spindle and ensures the machining accuracy.
It is suitable for small and medium-sized box type, valve type, shell type, 5G products, hardware, auto parts, medical equipment and other industries.

The spindle adopts high speed and high precision spindle unit with air curtain protection function, equipped with circulating cooling device, which makes the spindle with small temperature rise, small thermal deformation and high machining precision. Three axes guide rail adopts high rigidity line rail to carry, which can be low friction and low noise.

The three axes screw uses large diameter precision roller screw with hollow cooling and pre-stretch structure, which effectively controls the thermal deformation of the screw, improves processing accuracy and stability, and extends the life of the screw.

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The same 1000 models of LV and HV, why is there a price difference?

The body structure is different and the weight of the casting is different. The specifications of parts such as motor and wire rail that match with the model are different.

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