High Precision Robotic Arm

High Precision Robotic Arm

The high presicion robotic arm is mainly referring to the Redstone, Titan, New Titan series full servo robot. The main characteristics is all axis are driven by AC servo motor rather than pneumatic cylinder. It is with high presicion and easy to control, can be used for inserting, cutting, taking out, stacking in different industries such as home applicance, automobile industry, daily necessity, and 3C fileds, etc.

What is High Precision Robotic Arm?

The high precision robotic arm is the most precise, most compact six-axis robot arm. It has more unique features than a common industrial robot, which is a stand-alone system, and sophisticated. It doesn’t need to be programmed using a proprietary programming language and browser-based interface. Instead, the high precision robotic arm is operated as an automation component, similar to a smart electric gripper.

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Precision Level

Our precision robot arm is built with the best quality zero-backlash speed reducers and high-resolution encoders on the market. Therefore you can guarantee that the robotic arm has an unsurpassed level of precision.

High Precision Robotic Arm Design

Far-Reaching Rotation Angle, Lightweight

The robotic arm has a weight of around 28kg and up to 27mm arm length.

Therefore, it is easy to transport and easy to install.

Versatile and Quick-to-Switch Robot Arms

Due to the high versatility and space-saving characteristics, this makes the robotic arm perfect to deploy in various applications. It has a simple design and helps in saving working room in your workplace.

Collaborative and Safe

The robot arm can operate collaboratively with humans without additional defenses, to replace dirty, risky, and boring duties. This can also prevent and minimize repetitive strain injury or accidental injury.

Components of High Precision Robotic Arms

The arm has several joints that act as axes and allow for certain movements. The more rotational joints a robotic arm has, the greater flexibility of movement it possesses. Most industrial robotic arms have four to six joints with the same number of axes of rotation.

In addition to rotary joints, robotic arm components also include:

  • robot controller
  • end-of-arm tool
  • actuators
  • sensors
  • vision systems
  • power systems
  • software components
Benefits of High Precision Robotic Arm

Businesses can benefit from using high precision robotic arms because of the following:

Reduces footprint. It is the world’s most compact robot arm. It is also extremely tiny and has an inbuilt controller.

Minimize tolerances.  It has the most precise six-axis robot, made of precision-machined aluminum with zero-backlash gearboxes. It boasts repeatability of 5 μm.

Benefit from flexibility. The robot arm is simple to install in any direction. It adjusts for gravity automatically, with no software adjustments required. This increased flexibility allows for simple integration in a wide range of settings.

Easier robot arm integration. The robot arm is a plug-and-play automation component that may be easily interfaced with any PC or PLC. However, the programming language can be controlled to whatever you prefer.

High Precision Robotic Arm Applications

Here are some of the most common ways manufacturers are using high precision robotic arms today:

  • Material Handling. The robotic arms are used for material handling to create an efficient warehouse. It works by ensuring the materials and good are properly stored, transported appropriately, or easy to find.
  • Palletizing. Robotic arms can be used to automate the process of loading items into pallets. Palletizing becomes more accurate, cost-effective, and predictable by automating the process.
  • Inspection. Quality inspection is often conducted at the end of a production line, delaying the detection of manufacturing quality issues. Businesses can profit from real-time inspection by augmenting robots with vision and AI systems, reducing waste and downtime.
  • Welding. Welding is a skill that robots can undertake in advanced industrial settings like vehicle manufacture. Welding is a great option for sophisticated robots with vision and AI augmentation for inline quality inspection due to its essential impact on product quality.

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