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Our company developed this machine mainly for high precision, low cutting, finishing machining, the use of most. Most of the customers use it for precision electrodes, inserts, cores, modules and other finishing processes. Machine features: according to customer requirements can be equipped with high RPM, HSK high-precision electric spindle. The spindle speed can reach 18000-30000rpm. The main models are GV-650L, GV-880L, GV-1216L and GV-1220L.

GV series has been improved by our company to meet the requirements of customers. For some customers who want to do heavy cutting before use, it can also be equipped with BT40 spindle with spindle rpm of 12000-15000. For some processing fine holes and electrode finishing products, 18000-30000 rpm can be selected, depending on the customer’s products.

1. GV series can meet the customer’s high speed and high precision processing, but also can meet the problem of processing larger workpieces of product width, breaking the Y-direction limitation of traditional vertical machining center.
2. GV series body structure adopts gantry type, wider and larger base, and stronger gravity. It is suitable for large mold processing, gantry structure, spindle is more stable and more rigid.

GV series

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FANUC Series

High reliability, high cost performance, and stable, reliable and accurate system

Suitable for precision mould and high speed machining

High-speed and high-precision nanometer

1.What is the difference between GV small gantry and Beijing Precision Carving?

1. GV models can be done according to customer demand stroke can be 2000 * 1200mm
2. GV can be high RPM can also be equipped with BT40 to do heavy cutting
3. Precision carving is mainly used for small tool finishing; GV can be used in a wider range of applications

2.GV machine price is too high

Now the company is also negotiating prices with various suppliers, and will adjust the price of the machine in the future.

3. Can the Z-axis pass height be increased or Z-axis stroke be increased?

1.GV model Z-axis height and structure will affect the rigidity of machine processing. If customers do not have special processing needs, it is not recommended to increase the height or increase.
2. If there is special demand, we can improve the machine passability and Z-axis height according to the customer’s product.

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