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Advantages of Alfarobot Industrial Robot Arms
  • Maximum Flexibility

The industrial robot arms are designed with easy-to-repurpose features to suit the changing business priorities. It can be mounted to an assembly line platform, shelf, wall, and more.

  • Enhanced Safety

Industrial robotic arms are useful for keeping workers safe. It can be used for executing tasks and operations in a hazardous environment. Therefore, reducing human risks of injury.

  • Improved Precision

Rest assured that industrial robotic arms can perform with more consistency and precision compared to humans.

  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

The robotic arm automation can work 24 hours a day without fatigue. Therefore, businesses can increase their production, output, and inspections.

Components of an Industrial Robot Arms

In our robot arm factory, we assembled industrial robot arm with different components such as:

  • The human-like arm that is base-mounted
  • Multiple joints and axes
  • Robot controller
  • End-of-arm tool
  • Vision systems
  • Software component
  • Power Systems
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
Defining Parameters of a Robotic Arm Automation
  • Number of axes
  • Repeatability
  • Accuracy
  • Degrees of freedom
  • Acceleration
  • Kinematics
  • Working envelope
  • Carrying capacity
  • Speed
Different Classification of an Industrial Manipulator Arms

Alfarobot offers different selection of industrial robot arms such as the following:

  • Articulated robots
  • Jointed arm robot
  • Servo robot arm
  • Collaborative robot
  • Linear robot arm
  • Swing arm robot
  • Suction cup robot
  • Sprue picker robot, and more
A Wide Range of Industrial Robotic Arm Applications
  • Palletizing

Industrial robotic arms are suitable for the automation of palletizing processes such as placing goods. It can provide a predictable, cost-effective, and more accurate palletizing process.

  • Material Handling

Robotic manipulator arms offer more efficient and safer material handling to ensure that goods are properly stored, correctly transported, and easy to find in a warehouse.

  • Welding

Automotive manufacturing commonly uses a robot arm for the welding process. It is used in the welding process due to its AI augmentation and advanced robotic vision. Thus, offering a great product quality impact and inline quality inspection.

  • Inspection

Quality inspection can be executed properly, easily, and safely with an industrial robotic arm. It also helps in reducing waste and downtime.

  • Pick and Place

Industrial robots are usually used in logistics and the modern manufacturing industry. With its advanced machine vision systems, the robotic arm automation can grasp, identify, and move an object. Therefore, increasing goods distribution productivity.


One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

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