Titan Series of 650T-6000T Injection Molding Robotic Arms

The Titan series of robotic arms are used for various types of large plastic horizontal injection molding machines of 650-6000 tons. There are 3-axis and 5-axis AC servo drives. The vertical arm is telescopic stage, runner arm can be added to take out the runner. Redstone series is also a kind of top entry IML robot that is able to place the labels inside the mold and take out the finished products precisely. It is different from the side entry IML robot, the robotic arm goes into the mould from the top, which would not require much space around the machine.

Model: 1500/1700/1900/2500/3000/4000
W: Telescopic stage
D: Product arm+runner arm
S: single arm (Product arm)
S3: Three-axis servo (Traverse/crosswise/vertical)
S5: Five-axis servo (Traverse/Crosswise for both arms/vertical for both arms/AC axis or BC axis as optional for single arm)

Main Specifications

Titan series robot is applicable to all types of horizontal injection molding machines of 650T to 6000T for take-out products. All axis are driven by an AC servo motors, and the minimum take-out timeis 2 .3s .Drycye time is within 14s . H igh repeat precision ± 0 .2 mm . P rogram can be set freely according to actual need.

High performance of take out function is suitable for quick take out or complicated take out applications. Robotarm is telescopic stage and runner arm can be added for three platen mould(for model 1500- 1900).

model T1500WS/WD-S3/S5 T1700WS/WD-S3/S5 T1900WS/WD-S3/S5 T2500WS-S3 T3000WS-S3 T4000WS-S3
Power supply capacity (KVA) 2.3/3.7 2.3/3.7 3.7/4.5 5.1 5.1 6.9
Applicable molding machine (ton) 650-1000 800-1300 1000-1600 1600-3000 2500-4000 3000-6000
Traverse stroke(mm) 2400 (2700) 2700 2700 3500 4500 6000
Crosswise stroke (mm) S3:P: 1030
S3:P: 1210
S3:P: 1390
1960 2350 2800
Vertical stroke (mm) 1500 1700 1900 2500(3000) 3000 4000
Max loading (Kg) 25 25 25 50 50 50
Dry take out time (sec) 2.3 2.6 2.9 4.5 5.2 6.5
Dry cycle time (sec) 14 15 19 23 24 28
Air consumption (NI/cycle) 28 33 38 104 120 140
Net weight (Kg) 700-900 800-1000 850-1050 3250 4300 4800

Easy operation
Easy Operation
Fast Speed
Fast Speed
Long Lifetime
Long Lifetime
low noise
Low Noise
Alluminum side structure1
Unilateral/Frame Structure
Single stage
Single Stage/Telescopic Stage
3 axis-1
3 axis/5 axis
All linear guides
All Linear Guides

3 axis driven by AC servo motor(S3)

Vertical&C rosswise&Traverse axis is all driven by AC servo motors, high speed in taking out the action.

Telescopic arm

Telescopic Arm

The telescopic arm of the robot adopts high rigidity linear guide and alloy aluminum beam, together with a specially designed belt, greatly shortens the height of the vertical arms. It can not only increase the speed and stability of the vertical stroke but also can be applied to low workshops.

Crosswise Structure

Models of 1500-1900 is Unilateral structure

Models of 2200-4000 is frame structure

Crosswise Structure
Swivel structure

Swivel Structure

Coordinate with moving platen or fixed platen to realize take-out. The fixed swivel angle is 90 degrees.

The main structure of the robot

Crosswise and vertical arms are using high rigidity linear slide rail and aluminum alloy structure beam. It can meet the requirements of fast speed, less vibration, long service life, and good parts interchangeability.

Driven structure

Driven structure

Traverse and vertical axis use a special belt bypass mechanism. Crosswise is driven by a rack. Precision gearbox makes repeat precision is±0.15mm.

Optional function

Air pressure scissors: Air pressure scissors can be installed for runner cutting.

Photoelectric inspection on finished products: The sensor can be installed at the conveyor. Place the finished product on the conveyor to avoid hitting among products.

Tricolor light: I installed with tricolor light, so the user can easily check the robot operating state from a distance to workshop management. It can also distinguish the condition of the robots in auto, manual, or failure status.

A&C axis servo driven: The ends of the arm rotary mechanism can be driven by an AC servo motor with multiple angles and gestures.

Middle plate inspection: The position of the middle plate should be checked after mold opened the end position to avoid the runner arm from hitting the middle – plate.

Lubrication function: Manual central lubrication or auto lubrication can be equipped. For auto lubrication, when robot running times achieve a setting value, it will lubricate automatically.

Quick EOAT changing: To realize the quick separation of the EOAT and the robot. It’s simple and can save EOAT changing time.

Titan Series General Specifications

power supply
Power Source
working pressure
Working Pressure
Maximum allowable air pressure
Max.Allowed Pressure
Drive mode
Drive System
Side pose
5Kgf/cm 2
8Kgf/cm 2
AC Servo Motor 90° Fixed
3 axis/ 5 axis Servo Motor System Function
Item Description LB


Economical System High     configurate





Display screen size 7.0 inch 7.0 inch 7.0 inch
Touch panel
Controller USB
Manual operation safety switch


Number of mould data sets 100 100 100



To use USB to copy same mold data from same model robot to another one to operate.


Teach program
Fixed mode
Interpolation Linear interpolation, Circular interpolation,

Simultaneous movement



Loops, Jump, Stack, Compare, Judgement,

Arithmetic calculation

Waiting position in side the mold,

Single step operating



Standard stacking program
Non-standard stacking program


Operation record
Alarm record
I/O record
QC Function Sampling, Exclude the first few products,

Remove rejected part, Production statistics




It will alarm while position setting is out of range, and the setting is not be stored.
When triggering the hardware limit signal,

it will stop and alarm.

User Multiple users management
Spare I/O port Standard spare Input/ Output 15/15 3/2 10/14
EOAT Circuit Standard circuit: 2 vacuum, 2 grip
Option – Max. extending circuit 8 vacuum /

8 grip circuits

4 vacuum /

4 grip circuits

8 vacuum /

8 grip circuits

IMM Interface Option – EUROMAP 12 or 67
Application Insert, In-mold labeling (IML) etc.




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