• 6 Axis Industrial Robotic Arm - AR-20iA
  • 6 Axis Industrial Robotic Arm - AR-20iA

- 6 Axis Industrial Robotic Arm - AR-20iA

  • The 6-axis industrial robotic arm AR-20iA is small in size and light in weight and can perform various tasks with high speed and high precision.
  • Widely used in assembly, packaging, gluing, loading and unloading, material handling, and other operations.
  • The armload of the industrial robotic arm is 20 kg, the maximum working radius is 1718 mm, 6 degrees of freedom, and the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.05 mm.

Using the LNC-R7800 controller

Taiwan Advantech R7800 articulated robot controller, the control host is integrated into the handheld box, and the servo drive and IO mode are quickly controlled by digital communication, which not only simplifies the wiring complexity but also improves the complexity. The ability to resist noise interference. Its patented design is resistant to falling and waterproofing and is resistant to harsh on-site conditions. In addition, through the human-machine interface and PLC secondary development functions, the function is more in line with customer needs, and the application is more flexible.

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