4 Axis Palletizing Robot

Model PR-15iA/1500A4 PR-30iA/1800A4
Number of shaft 4 axis 4 axis
Load capacity 15KG 30KG
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Working radius 1510mm 1820mm
Rated power 2.7KVA 2.8KVA
Action Stroke 1 axis ±168° ±168°
2 axis ±105°-50° ±105°-50°
3 axis ±105°-25° ±105°-25°
4 axis ±360° ±360°
Max.speed 1 axis 3.4rad.s² 3rad.s²
2 axis 3.4rad.s² 3rad.s²
3 axis 4rad.s² 3.7rad.s²
4 axis 9.5rad.s² 6.2rad.s²
Max.acceleration 1 axis 11(25)rad.s² 9(20)rad.s²
2 axis 12(25)rad.s² 20(30)rad.s²
3 axis 20rad.s² 22rad.s²
4 axis 60rad.s² 28rad.s²
Allowable torque 4 axis 29.4N.m 64.68N.m
Lnertia moment 4 axis 0.6kg.m² 1.45kg.m²
Net weight 160kg 205kg

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