In 2001, we established Dongguan Alfa Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. in Dongguan(in 2016 we established Dongguan Alfa Automation Technology Limited). In 2004, we established Alfa (Suzhou) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. in Suzhou. After years of unremitting efforts, it has gradually become one of the world’s leading brands of automated machinery. With a strong tradition, Alfarobot has provided its customers with the best overall automation solutions and timely services with a solid R&D team, a strong manufacturing lineup and a complete marketing service team.

2021—Suzhou factory is identified as a service manufacturing demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu Province under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Dongguan factory won the honorary title of special and new “little giant” enterprise.

2020—Suzhou Factory has passed the honorary title of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

2019—The company established Suzhou Aifang xindong Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., and entered the field of chip packaging and testing equipment. Suzhou factory was identified as the 2019 Jiangsu Provincial provincial demonstration intelligent workshop.

2018—Dongguan factory was qualified by Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center and Provincial engineering technology research center and so on. Dongguan Alfa was selected as “Multiplication plan” enterprise in Dongguan 2018. Set up ALFA(VIETNAM) AUTOMATION TECH. CO., LTD

2017—Dongguan factory won the Guangdong province robot (cultivation) enterprise identification. Dongguan Alfa bought new factory site with area 7200 square meters.

2016—Alfa was restructured into a joint stock limited company.

2014—ALFA was awarded the China Famous Trademark with the registered trademark 

2013—Dongguan Alfa won the key enterprise of Dongguan equipment manufacturing industry.

2012—Dongguan factory won the first prize of the 2012 Dongguan Science and Technology Progress Award.

2011—Establish Hochiminh and Hanoi office. Suzhou factory was expanded by 26,600 square meters.

2010—The second phase of Suzhou factory expansion was completed with 40,000 square meters.

2009—The second phase of Dongguan factory expansion was completed with 28,000 square meters.

2008—The Dongguan factory has been approved by the National high-tech enterprise.

2007—Investment on CNC machining center and established GAMMA brand CNC machining center.

2006—The factory in Suzhou has completed and occupy 40,000 square meters.

2005—The full range of products of Dongguan Factory has passed CE certification.

2004—Dongguan factory passed ISO-9001 quality certification.

2003—The Dongguan factory was officially put into production.

2002—The first phase of the Dongguan plant and the imported equipment was completed. The capital amount is HK$38.88 million.

2001—Dongguan factory stationed, began to recruit and promote robots.

2000—New workshop and office buildings were started in Dongguan.

1999—Introduced a new series of inverter driven traverse beam robot, Promoted a new full servo model.

1998—Participated in the K show in Germany and officially entered the international market with .

1997—CE certified for all models.

1996—Passed ISO-9001 quality certification.

1995—Launched models with aluminum alloy structure.

1994—Computerization of production information was completed.

1993—Develop a single-chip-based control system that replaces the traditional control of PLCs. The aluminum alloy structural beam was developed as the main arm structure.

1992—Computer-aided design was introduced. Develop large robots for 1400T plastic molding machines. Established Shenzhen Sales Office.

1990—The operation was in trouble and the original shareholders reorganized.

1988—Alfa Industrial Corporation’s predecessor was founded in Taoyuan, Taiwan,It mainly produces robots for plastic injection molding machines. Chairman was Mr. Shi Fuxing.

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