Why Alfarobot

R&D team
Independent innovation, technology creates the future

Alfa Industrial Group adheres to a fine tradition, adheres to independent research and development and innovation, and creates brands with technology.

Strict quality control
Focus on every detail, every process, and strictly control quality.

1.Flame cutting

The numerical control flame cutting machine ensures consistent cutting size and reduces cost and timely feeding.

2.Robot welding

For quantitative products, robot welding is used to improve the flatness, consistency, strength of the weld, improve efficiency, reduce artificial welding errors and reduce labor intensity.

3.Precision processing equipment, all kinds of equipment

Alfa owns a complete set of processing equipment, such as large gantry machining centers, large CNC machining centers, horizontal computer processing centers, CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, surface grinders and so on.
Adopt international advanced CNC system, high precision.
The processed parts are strictly inspected for the first part, the sampling of the process, and the final inspection of the finished product.
The measurement is carried out by a 3D measuring instrument imported from Switzerland, and the processing quality is completely mastered.

Manufacturing information integration computerization

1. SAP system

The SAP system operates to control material inventory, procurement, production orders, raw material control, etc. with a rigorous system to meet the needs of fast delivery.

2.Production system control

For the control of the production process, the control points of each process and each process can be recorded with the computer, to trace the manufacturing personnel, materials, inspection and so on. Accurately master the schedule and delivery time.


3.Strict testing to ensure quality

Each robot is compared to the molding machine’s signal, running at least 1000 times to test the performance of the robot. It meets the European standard for safety and safety, ensuring the safety and quality of robot operation.
Strictly in accordance with inspection standards to ensure that each robot performs well.

4.PLM system

The PLM system is used to manage the detailed design of the product design, material number application, design changes, and update process. That is, from the beginning of the demand for the product to the management of the entire life course of the product elimination.

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

If you are looking for professional robot arm manufacturer, especially injection molding machine robot arm, Alfarobot is your premier choice.

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