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Eyes on the future

After years of layout and practice, Alfa has established a complete set of service systems, everything is customer-centered, thinking about what customers want, considering what customers need, and providing customers with all-around service so that customers get more than expected satisfaction.

Keep Running, Keep Innovating
Keep Running, Keep Innovating

Alfarobot, as the main company of Alfa Industry, adheres to the business philosophy of “continuous operation, continuous innovation”, and supplies robotic arms for plastic injection molding machines in the field of plastic industry automation, providing more than 10,000 sets of automation equipment to more than 10,000 customers every year. Uphold the “quality first, service first” spirit, providing automation products and services to the customers. Industrial automation includes a special robot for the lathe, a robotic arm for the injection molding machine, complete set of automation equipment.

Keep Running, Keep Innovating
Keep Running, Keep Innovating

In order to meet the ideas of “one-stop shopping, full-service” proposed by many customers, after detailed market analysis and research, we have launched a complete set of peripheral auxiliary equipment for plastic molding machines to meet the high-quality products and reasonable prices of our customers. , sustainable services, factory direct requirements. Products include raw material transportation, raw material drying, raw material mixing, cold and heat exchange, crushing and recycling, and other five categories of equipment. With the support of the group company, we will meet the needs of our customers with the utmost enthusiasm and service.

Gmma CNC
Always Stand With You

GAMMA CNC machining center originated in Taiwan, adhering to the business philosophy of “Always standing with you “, from research and development, production, manufacturing, sales, and service, GAMMA provides customers with sophisticated, efficient, and durable high-end CNC machining centers by advanced technology and rigorous program control. Production and marketing integrated direct sales services enable us to provide you with a lifelong warranty, and timely service. The production models include a direct-link high-speed vertical machining center, gantry mold machining center, drilling and milling machining center, horizontal integrated machining center, gantry large machining center, and other high-precision CNC machining centers.

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

If you are looking for professional robot arm manufacturer, especially injection molding machine robot arm, Alfarobot is your premier choice.

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