What is a Double Column Machining Center

The double-column machining center is manufactured for higher cutting capacity. It delivers the benefits of high torque/high-speed spindle selections, durable box-way construction, patented design double column bridge, and roomy work envelops. The CNC double-column milling machine requires no.40&50 taper spindle and linear scale feedback. Thus, it can be suitable for the mold sectors where high accuracy is needed in completing and roughing cores and large cavities.

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Great Capacity for Massive Industry

Alfarobot CNC double column milling machine provides massive cutting and long travel capacity needed to operate large parts for numerous applications. Mainly are alternative energy, aerospace, oil& gas industries, and heavy equipment applications. The machine is supported by X-Axis travel to handle heavy fixtures, big parts, and large trunnions & rotary tables.

  • TAPER: 50/HSK
  • AXIS: 3/4/5
  • RPM: 6000-10,000
Alfarobot Double Column Machining Center


Alfarobot 5-axis double-column CNC machines possessed articulating spindle heads. The 2-axis spindle head offers a C-axis rotation of ±245 degrees and a B-axis tilt of ±120 degrees, for complicated contouring, undercuts, and multi-sided machining.

Alfarobot 3-axis double column CNC machines possessed with shop-proven, reliable 7500-rpm 50-taper spindle. It features dual speed gearbox to provide excellent low-speed torque and a constant power band for heavy cuts. The 3-axis double-column machining center is also available at 10,000 and 7500 rpm for higher material removal rates and demanding applications.

Alfarobot’s double-column machining center is equipped with a 50+1 side-mount equipment changer. This reliable, rugged design is fabricated in-house. Thus, it can guarantee maintenance-free and extendable operation.

Double Column VMC Machine Specifications
  • Table sizes up to 6000 x 3400mm (236” x 134”)
  • Travels up to 6000mm x 4200mm x 1500mm
  • 650 x 650 mm² heavy-duty ram size
  • 450 x 400 mm² optimal spindle box design
  • Dual layer loop frame table
  • Linear guideways to improve accuracy and rigidity
  • Expanded Y travel for 5F auto machining
Standard Accessories
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Auto chip conveyor screw type
  • 12000rpm/min/18KW direct-drive spindle
  • Spindle oil coolant
  • Auto lubrication
  • Pneumatic system
  • Servo motor and driving controller
  • Cooling system
  • Operation manual
  • Spindle encoder system
  • alarming light
  • tool and toolbox
  • main installation sets
  • full cover for guideways

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