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DMN series is paired with a high-speed spindle with fast feed to achieve high-speed machining application of high-speed body structure.
The spindle’s axis is set perpendicular to the table machine, which can complete the process of drilling, tapping, etc. It is mainly suitable for processing mechanical parts, all kinds of small hardware, stamping mold plate, aluminum profile drilling processing, etc.

The machine head is connected to the four sliders of the column line rail. The wide slider surface greatly improves the stability of the head running and provides a solid support for the high speed operation of the spindle to ensure the machining accuracy.

The saddle uses double-arch structure to greatly enhance the torsional resistance of the saddle, and the deformation resistance, which greatly enhances the bearing capacity of the saddle.
The design of ribbed grid cross arrangement structure enhances the stability in dynamic, ensures the fast and smooth running of the saddle, and guarantees the machining accuracy of the machine.

DMN series





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