Create the future · start again | ALFA 2023 10th anniversary of the honorary staff award

Pursuing their dreams, Kunpeng spread their wings and forge ahead hand in hand to write a splendid chapter.
Ten years of companionship, gratitude peers. On January 30, “Create the Future and start again” ALFA 2023 10th anniversary honorary employee award ceremony was held! The chairman of ALFA Industry attended the award ceremony and gathered together with some employees of Suzhou ALFA and Suzhou GAMMA to witness this moment of honor.

Ten years of struggle, ten years of wind and rain, ten years across

Looking back on the past, they climbed the industry peak with sweat and hard work;
Looking into the future, they will create a splendid future with diligence and wisdom.
Mr. Jack Shih, chairman of ALFA, gave a speech for the honor award. First of all, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to these colleagues for their loyalty to ALFA and their contribution to the development of ALFA in the past ten years. At present, the company is in a stage of rapid development, is moving towards higher, farther, stronger goals, all of which are inseparable from the efforts and efforts of every employee of ALFA! In the New Year, I hope everyone can unite as one, be the inheritors and practitioners of the spirit of ALFA, and work together with the company towards a better tomorrow!

Starlight does not ask the traveler, love can be long years

In the past ten years, they have regarded their work as a sacred mission, and even the most ordinary position can show their life value to the highest standards. They are the most vivid background color of the glorious family.

In the past ten years, they have stuck to the line of down-to-earth, silently paid, closely linked nodes, key breakthroughs, and gone all out. They strategize, prepare for danger, lead the team to move forward, and constantly refresh the quality and speed of ALFA.

One trophy, one red envelope, is their hard work, is the glory they belong to, and is also the driving force for their future practice of dreams.

In every job, they fulfill their duties and live up to expectations. They strive for excellence in every detail and fulfill their mission. In the team, they are hard-working oxen, diligent and selfless dedication; They are the vanguard of overcoming difficulties and climbing to new heights. Their silent dedication has written the best notes for ALFA.

Stand on the wheat field and look up at the stars

This award ceremony is not only an affirmation of their struggle in the past ten years, but also an incentive for their future development.

ALFA will continue to adhere to the concept of “customer-centric, striver-based”, constantly pursue excellence and innovation, and provide better products and services for global customers. At the same time, ALFA will also strengthen team building and talent training, establish a set of perfect incentive mechanism to encourage employees to actively work, play their personal potential, realize personal value, and provide a strong talent guarantee for the sustainable development of the company.

In the next ten years, may we continue to work hard and meet each other at the top.

Wind and rain for ten years, thank you
Sail on the wind and waves
Touched, warm, and powerful
We follow the light wave, looking forward to 2024!

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