Bin Picking Robot

Bin-picking robots are widely used for vision-based pick and place applications. The vision system allows the robot to see. Therefore, resulting in automation and advancements. The robot is equipped with a 3D camera and then takes out the parts of the container filled with irregularly shaped or unorganized items. It also aligns the thing properly and then sends it to the next station. Other tasks and applications of bin-picking robots are the following:

  1. Identifications of Objects. If the camera resolution and technology are properly measured, it can be used for a wide range of component surface and lighting conditions.
  2. Positions of Objects. The robots can distinguish extensive algorithms to find different objects in 3 dimensions.
  3. It identifies the correct algorithm to find different positions of objects in three dimensions.
  4. Bin picking robots are designed with component-specific grippers.
  5. Solution Package. All the elements mentioned above are combined in a robot for particular functioning.
  6. Sortation and Induction. These robots isolate mixed products and take them to conveyors and sorters.
  7. Buffering and Put Wall. Bin-picking robots are used for the singulation of mixed products from infeed points to specific containers.
  8. GTO operations include health and beauty, e-commerce, apparel, and grocery.
  9. Different packaging such as clamshells, cuboids, collapsible tubes, and more.
  10. A wide range of containers such as loose products, bags, and cartons.
Three Types of Bin Picking Structure
  • The items are stacked in an organized and predictable manner in the bin. Therefore, robots can easily pick and identify objects.
  • Semi-structured. All the items in a bin are stacked with some predictable and organized pattern.
  • The parts in the bin are randomly positioned such as entangled, overlapping, and other orientations. Therefore, resulting in complicated imaging and picking.
Different Features of Bin Picking Robot
  • Autonomous robotic picking
  • Multiple/single totes
  • Integrated with AI vision systems
  • Improved accuracy
  • AI software and picking information
  • Custom EoAT designs
  • Future proof solution
  • Effective interfaces
Advantages of Using Robots for Bin Picking

The goal of bin picking is to deliver up to 99% of accuracy to provide customer satisfaction. It offers a lot of advantages including the following:

  • Minimized Part Handling
  • Adaptive Automation
  • Maximized Operator Utilization
  • 24/7 automated operations
  • Enhances the ergonomics of employee
  • Continuous learning
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Warehouse labor availability problems can be solved
Factors to Considers When Choosing Bin Picking Robot

When choosing the right bin picking robot that is suitable for your application, you may consider the following factors.

  • The layout of your facility
  • Facility throughput
  • Required picking speed
  • Collaboration between human operators
  • Compatibility with technologies
  • Compatibility with your existing systems
  • Factory acceptance testing

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