A successful customer training was held in ALFA(2nd batch)

In the shining October, 2023, ALFA ushered in the second batch of customers coming from different places to visit and study in the factory, so as to better deepen the awareness of ALFA brand and enhance customers’ confidence in ALFA’s product and service.
In the future, ALFA will continue to achieve new achievements with all departments’ effort, we look forward to more customers and friends to visit ALFA’s factory.

Accompanied by the staff, the customers visited the production workshop. Alfa staff welcomed all the visitors with meticulous explanation, thoughtful service and professional attitude. The customers witnessed a manufacturing factory of industrial automation that strives for excellence and pursues quality.

The on-site inspection allows customers to intuitively feel the company’s R & D and production capacity, advanced technology, high-quality products, strict safety management system and other aspects, and all visitos gives us a high degree of recognition and full affirmation.

All visitors came back to the conference room from the workshop and listen carefully to the professional introduction of product quality control and system functions. Alfa always adhere to strict and efficient management; adhere to customer orientation, product quality as the first achievement of customer value.

With the gradual expansion of intelligent manufacturing technology to various industries and various links, in the entire industrial production application, in addition to CNC machine tools, robots and other standard automation equipment, as an intelligent manufacturing system integration to meet the needs of specific process automation needs of non-standard automation equipment has been widely stimulated and applied.

In response to customers’ questions, the staff gave a professional and detailed explanation of Ailfa non-standard automation equipment:
1. Customized production lines according to different customer requirements and needs;
(2) Comprehensive use of computer technology, automation, intelligence and (2) related processes and technologies;
Third, can greatly improve the use of energy efficiency;
Four, the use of operation is relatively simple.
Compared with the general standard automation equipment, Erfa customized automation equipment not only takes into account the actual production process of the customer, but also according to the relevant production site or storage environment and product processing characteristics to be tailored. These equipment are widely used in food, hardware, electronic appliances, medical, automotive and aerospace and other fields.

Alfa focus on industrial automation for 35 years, adhere to the production of the best automation products, and always take the service as the guarantee of enterprise growth, to customer satisfaction for the purpose of building a first-class after-sales professional service team. Through this education and training exchange meeting, analytical training was conducted to customers on the use and maintenance of the machine and common troubleshooting, laying a solid foundation for the future realization of “accurate service, customer comfort” and providing users with more efficient, convenient and accurate after-sales service guarantee.

At the same time, customers feel that the word “ingenuity” is rooted in products and services, and the brand core of constantly creating value for customers, so that the “gene” of the brand can be inherited in the after-sales service team.

In this training, we also tried to strengthen the customer’s operation skills of Alfa five-axis servo robot. Alfa senior engineers led customers to the exhibition workshop for equipment principle, system operation, maintenance, fault handling and other knowledge content and practical exercises to carry out key training explanations.

After learning according to the instructions, customers said that our products are simple and easy to operate, and they are shocked by high quality products, strict management mode and strong production capacity.

Service goes on and on. In the future, the after-sales service team of Alfa will continue to uphold the professional spirit and attitude, and construct a more three-dimensional, precise and professional after-sales service system with ingenuity and initial intention, to escort customers and open the next new chapter of service.

At the end of the event, customers visited the Gamma factory of Alfa Industry, and Gamma products, so that customers have a more intuitive understanding of the scale and strength of Gamma: from the procurement of raw materials, planning and design, manufacturing and assembly, precision detection to the shipment process of products, to show you how each high-precision and durable machine tool is produced. The production process of excellence has left a deep impression on everyone.

The visit of the customer has strengthened the exchange between our company and customers, and encouraged us to create better products to revitalize the national manufacturing industry as our responsibility, and contribute our own strength in the process of global industrial automation!

Alfa focus on industrial automation for 35 years and keep product innovation and upgrading. The company continues to promote the development of new markets, adhere to the development strategy of laying a good foundation and making breakthroughs, and steadily promote the work of infrastructure construction, brand building, customer cultivation, market promotion and other aspects, hoping to work together with global customers for mutual benefit and win-win.

Customer education and training exchange meeting is an important measure for ALFA to get close to the market, listen to the voice of customers, and enhance customers’ cognition of Alfa, and build a platform for manufacturers and customers to communicate, share friendship, and discuss the road of future cooperation.

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