A successful customer training was held in ALFA(Dongguan)(3rd batch)

After entering the start of winter, all things are self-cultivation, the last winter of the four seasons, on November 17, 2023, Dongguan Alfa welcomed the third batch of customers to visit and learn from the factory, so as to better deepen the awareness of the Alfa brand, understand the operation and production of Alfa at close range, and enhance customers’ trust in us. At the same time, it strengthens the belief that customers and friends choose us in order to seek a win-win road together!

At the beginning of the activity, under the leadership of Assistant general manager Mr. Yao Minguo, the customers visited the Alfa’s Dongguan factory, and felt our advanced production technology, intelligent management and diversified product guarantee further strengthened everyone’s confidence in choosing us.

During the visit, customers were full of praise for our production environment, innovative technology and product quality. The specialization of the production workshop and technical center makes customers feel the production and research and development capabilities of Alfa, and realize the power of Alfa brand and responsibility.

Customers have expressed their gratitude for Alfa’s warm reception and affirmed the company’s scale strength, research and development capabilities and product quality, and put forward some suggestions on product positioning and market expansion.

In the future, we will continue to insist on creating high-quality products with professional, casting brilliance with quality, and making unremitting efforts to create the most valuable products for customers!

After a break for lunch, the customers moved to the training room. Mr. Yao Minguo expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the presented customers. He introduced the company’s current situation, strength, development planning and technical strength in detail, and explained the company’s current business status and development plan in the global market.
He said that everyone has been working together with ALFA through thick and thick, creating ALFA’s extraordinary strength and brand glory. In the future, we hope to be able to work together with customers and friends, with one heart and one heart, and work hard to the future together!

Alfa focus on industrial automation for 35 years, adhere to the production of the best automation products at the same time, and always take the service as the guarantee of enterprise growth, customer satisfaction as the purpose, and strive to build a first-class after-sales professional service team.

This training is aimed at improving practical application ability, and explains in detail the main operating systems we currently use, robot troubleshooting, daily maintenance, clamp application and automation application for all customers present.

We adhere to the vision of helping factories realize automation from parts to finished products by introducing automation technology, helping to shorten the factory production cycle and significantly improve production efficiency.

To achieve “accurate customer service” while providing users with more efficient, convenient and accurate after-sales service guarantee has laid a solid foundation. Let customers feel that ALFA will be “ingenuity” the word rooted in products and services, and continue to create value for customers.

After learning according to the instructions, the customers and friends present said that our products accurately control every detail, so as to avoid errors caused by human operation, and also recognized our excellence in quality management. During the entire production process, automatic inspection equipment can monitor product quality in time to ensure that each part meets the standard and reduce the rate of defective products; At the same time, through data analysis and feedback, timely adjust product design or improve the manufacturing process, and further improve the product quality level.

As the saying goes, “hearing is false, seeing is believing”, through this customer education training, we have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of our partners, and also strengthen the confidence to continue cooperation and jointly create a better future.

Customers also expressed their appreciation of our products, and have high hopes for the continuous and in-depth cooperation between the two sides, and will continue to deepen cooperation and exchanges with our company in the future, give full play to the advantages of both sides, and provide a comprehensive system guarantee for the development of the injection molding industry.

In the future, we will always adhere to the “quality first, customer first” business philosophy, we firmly believe that the trust and support of customers is our driving force forward, in the continuous pursuit of innovation and progress at the same time, committed to become the industry leader and the most trusted partner of customers, welcome more customers at home and abroad to visit our factory!

Customer education and training exchange meeting is an important measure for ALFA to get close to the market, listen to the voice of customers, and enhance customers’ cognition of Alfa, and build a platform for manufacturers and customers to communicate, share friendship, and discuss the road of future cooperation.

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