7 Axis Robot Arm

7 Axis Robot Arm

Seven-axis robot arms are classified as high-DOF robots since it has more than six axes. They are common for wide robotic automation.

The slim, 7-axis design saves space while providing “human-like” flexibility and range of motion even in narrow spaces. It may be straightened vertically to take up a very small footprint and has a maximum width of 365.5 mm.

ALFAROBOT, the world’s leading manufacturer of robot arms, offers a complete model of 7-axis robot arms with many advanced capabilities and options for manufacturers. One of its capabilities is to “lay down” and expand around parts and barriers, making it ideal for applications where a part partition is not possible. The 7-axis robot arm can also maintain the ideal torch angle and attitude on longer sections without compromising quality.

Technical Specifications
Controlled Axes 7
Maximum Payload 120kg
Repeatability 0.03 mm
Extend 2230 mm
Benefits of 7 Axis Robot Arm

The addition of a 7th axis to a robot has the primary advantage of allowing the unit to be readily relocated to another work cell, eliminating the need for additional robots. This also allows the robot to be placed outside of a work area for human safety reasons.

Another advantage of including such an axis is that it allows a smaller robot to accomplish the functions of a robot with a bigger arm/reach.

These advantages provide cost savings and promote a faster return on investment.

Application Examples

7-axis robot arms would be useful in applications such as painting, coating, welding, palletizing, pick-and-place, conveying, and warehousing/logistics facilities. This is because these robots are usually capable of doing repetitive duties and even risky tasks for humans.

7-Axis Robot Arm Mounting Options

Depending on the application, 7th-axis systems can be installed horizontally or vertically. They can also be elevated to increase safety and open floor space in the warehouse or factory where they work.

Smaller 7th-axis systems can also be put atop an AGV (automated guided vehicle) for further versatility. This frees up space underneath for other processes or storage, improving an operation’s workflow and overall productivity.

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

If you are looking for professional robot arm manufacturer, especially injection molding machine robot arm, Alfarobot is your premier choice.

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