6 Axis Robotic Arm

Six-axis robotic arm is one of the popular kinds of articulated robot for industrial production. It provides superior strength, flexibility and automation required for various applications. These robots are used in manufacturing including automated integrated production lines, welding automation, picking, welding, grinding, material handling, material removal, painting, assembly, and spraying. This robot can move in the x, y, and z planes. They can also operate in the roll, pitch, and yaw directions. This makes these robots’ motions comparable to those of the human arm, which is one reason they are perfect for replacing production lines. It uses a special double-joint module design, which is different from most collaborative robots on the market and also offers more freedom when working. One motion module comprises two joints to provide a special kinematic structure.

Alfarobot specializes in producing 6-axis robots for a larger operational area. Whether you need 6-axis robots for upstream and downstream operations, we make sure you always receive the appropriate robot for your automation requirements. Our state-of-the-art articulated robots resolve any floor space or ceiling height limitations you could have. Message us today!

6-Axis Robotic Arm Advantages and Benefits
  • Full-range safety protections
  • Leave dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks
  • High-performance, safety, and multiple types
  • Available in different robot shapes and sizes for the job
  • Efficiency is increased while downtime and expenditures are decreased.
  • Multiple IO interfaces integrate seamlessly into production processes.
  • Resumes operation automatically without compromising production
  • Assists clients in establishing a more secure working environment and cost-effective productivity
Uses and Applications

6-axis articulated robot applications include:

  • Automated part handling and picking
  • Place loading automation here.
  • Automated overmolding (press-to-press transfer)
  • Automated palletizing and packaging
  • Automated assembly lines
  • Automated stacking and sorting
  • Automated inspection
  • Automation of additional auxiliary operations
  • Automation of in-mold decorating (IMD) and in-mold labeling (IML)
Industry Use 6-Axis Robotic Arm Robot

Our 6-axis articulated robots meet the demands of numerous industries thanks to their simplicity of use and superior functionality.

  • Metals
  • Food and beverage
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • And more
6-Axis Robotic Arm Sensors

Industrial robots feature sensors to aid in their optimal, highly precise operation. The most typical 6-axis robot sensors are:

  • Sensors That Detect Collisions
  • Force And Torque Sensors
  • Vision Sensors With Two and Three Dimensions.

One Stop Robot Arm Manufacturer

If you are looking for professional robot arm manufacturer, especially injection molding machine robot arm, Alfarobot is your premier choice.

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