5 Axis Robotic Arm

Alfarobot 5 Axis Robotic Arm

The 5-axis robotic arm is a complete self-contained articulated robot system designed for bench-top automation. Its configuration generally consists of five motors, where two are located in the upper arm, allowing for greater motion in the end-effector. A series of 5-axis robotic arms typically uses industrial robot design and high-efficiency digital motors. An easy-to-program robot system that provides reliable and accurate performance, especially in the most complex tasks.

Highlight Advantages
  • 5-axis articulation, 360ºrotation, pitch and yaw, and 500mm reach.
  • Fast cycle time of 2 seconds.
  • Flexible, simple to program complex jobs and motion pathways.
  • Simple-to-use teaching pad and software.
  • Miniature incremental optical encoders.
  • The controller, software, wires, instruction pad, gripper, and manuals are all included.
5 Axis Robotic Arm Applicable Usage

The 5-axis robotic arm is deployed in a series of applications, including:

  • Robotic assembly
  • Robotic palletizing
  • Automated packaging
  • Automated pick and place application (most common application since it offers’ stability consistency and needed strength for many lifting tasks).
The Individual Details with Five-Axis Robot Arms

For a five-axial robot, each axis is accountable for a certain movement, which is specified as follows:

  • 1 axis

Axis one is positioned in the robot’s core. This axis directs the robotic manipulator’s movement from left to right, allowing for a full 180-degree rotation from the center point. Axis one is in charge of moving items in straight lines.

  • 2 axis

Axis two is found on a robot’s lower arm. It is in charge of the forward and backward extensions of the arm. Axis two enables robots to lift and move things along the x and y dimensions.

  • 3 axis

The third axis joins the lower and upper arms. That enables greater vertical reach by managing the upper robot arm’s rising and lowering. Axis three may rotate along the x, y, and z dimensions, letting the robot reach more parts.

  • 4 axis

The top robot arm contains axis four. This axis enables changing component orientations with rolling arm operations. When axis four rotates the upper robot arm in a circular path, the end-effector can modify part establishing.

  • 5 axis

Axis five is likewise placed in the upper robot arm and works in tandem with axis four to control the movement of the end-of-arm tooling. This axis generates the pitch and yaw motions of a robot’s tools.

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