What is 4-Axis Robotic Arm

4 Axis Robotic Arm has one ax in the wrist area and is widely used for industrial applications. A robotic arm with fewer axis means more suitable for heavy-lifting applications. That’s why the simplified design of 4 axis robot arm allows them to anticipate maximum strength and stability for material palletizing and handling applications.

4 Axis Robotic Arm Movement

The standard four-axis robotic arm has a movement defined as:

  • Axis 1 – the base axis of the robot. Axis 1 allows the robot to move from left to right. Axis 1 is also the one that controls the ability of the robot for moving specific objects across a straight line.
  • Axis 2 – this axis allows the manipulator of the robot to move onward and backward. It also controls the robot’s lower arm in a robot’s standard configuration. With this axis, the robots can perform the function of lifting objects, moving objects up & down, and moving objects to both sides.
  • Axis 3 – the axis that anticipates robots moving along the x, y, and z-axis. This 3rd axis controls the upper arm of the standard robot and allows expansion for vertical reach.
  • Axis 4 – axis 4 is located on the wrist of robots for controlling the robot’s end-effector movement. And through a rolling motion, this axis allows the robot for changing the object orientation.
Types of 4-Axis Robotic Arms and their Application

The robotic application of a 4-Axis robotic arm depends on the robot type. For example, the 4-axis SCARA robots are usually used for the application of robotic assembly but can be also used for machine loading and light palletizing.

The 4-Axis delta robot can be used for robotic picking and placing, assembly, and automated packaging. Articulated 4-Axis robots are a type of robot that provides exceptional strength and stability. The articulated 4-Axis robot is ideal for automated material handling and robotic palletizing applications.

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