3DPrinted Robot Arm

The 3D-printed robot arm is entirely made of 3D-printed parts that snap together. Its arm is controlled by a different series of buttons that are connected to an Arduino Uno hidden on the base. This 3D Printed robot arm has a three-servo-controlled joint, gripper plus a rotating base. Aside from that, it has a simple circuit that connects on the servo and button to the Arduino for quick assembly and is easy to set up.

This 3D-printed robot arm is cheaper and easier to use that’s why it is an excellent starting point for enthusiasts. It is programmable, with simple functions and fewer moving parts that are very accessible to the entry-level sector, especially in 3D printing robotics.

What are the materials to make a 3D printed robot arm?

There are different materials in making a 3D-printed robot arm including:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Momentary push button
  • Micro servos
  • Standard servos
  • Green LED
  • 10K Ohm resistor
  • On and off switch
  • Printed Circuit board
  • Various connectors and wires
  • Nut and bolts
  • Power supply
  • Afinia 3D printer
  • Potentiometer and knob and many more.
3D Printed Robot Arm and Its Applications

The 3D-printed robot arm is capable to pick and place tasks and others are equipped for laser engraving, CNC work, and even 3D printing. It is also useful in a wide range of applications in various fields such as:

  • Carrying out industrial operations
  • Performing precise surgeries
  • For having fun interacting and learning
  • And so on.

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