3-Axis Robots

3 Axis Robot Arm

3 Axis Robot Arm

The 3-axis robot arm has three degrees of freedom which are able to operate along the X, Y, and Z planes. These 3 axis arm robots are designed to automate simple processes. It is mostly used for pick and place, machine loading, palletizing, and part transfer. Aside from that, 3 axis robot cannot tilt or rotate which make them more rigid than five-axis or six-axis robots.

Furthermore, 3-axis robots belong to top entry robots due to their ease of operation, can minimize energy consumption, and simplicity of maintenance which is very applicable for high-speed operation and increased production processes, especially for plastic injection molding automation across several industries.

What are the Applications of 3 Axis Robot Arm?

The 3 Axis robots arm are widely used for different applications and some of that is the following below:

  • Stacking and Sorting automation
  • Insert loading automation
  • Inspection automation
  • Handling automation and part picking
  • Palletizing automation and packaging
  • In-mold decorating automation
  • In-mold labeling automation
  • Ideal for handling and maneuvering small parts
  • And many more.
Features and Benefits of Using 3 Axis Robot Arm
  • Are able to manipulate high loads
  • Very easy to program
  • Has the most rigid robotic structures
  • Have the ability to do a straight-line insertion
  • Ability to move in multiple linear directions
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Maintenance free
  • Have a pickup rate of 60 minutes
  • No need for additional lubrication
  • Provide fast movements due to a parallel kinematic, etc.

Aside from that, the other advantages of the 3 Axis Robot Arm are more affordable than more degrees of freedom.

Different Between 3 Axis Robot Arm and 6 Axis Robot Arm

In between 2 robots they have differences. In 3 Axis robot arms are more productive in simple industrial processes. The 6-axis robots are designed for tasks that need more freedom and more complex movements. Below are some of their differences.

  • 3-Axis Robots: It is built with only three degrees of freedom which make them limited in the range of motion that 6-axis robots.
  • 6-Axis Robots: it has full six degrees of freedom for their movements. It allows a similar range of motions to resemble and is able to change orientation unlike in 3 axis robot arm.
Proposed System of 3 Axis Robot Arm

3 Axis Robot Arm acts like a replica of human arms. Its first motor is designed to hold and release purposes and then the second motor is designed to use for the elevation of the arm. The last motor is used for left and right motions. All of its directions are controlled by a Bluetooth module and three servo motors are implemented for different actions. It also adapts serial communications between the controller and the arm.


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