2023DMP Expo exclusive memory

Congratulations on successful conclusion of 2023 DMP

From 27-30, November, 2023, the 4-day 2023DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Expo ended successfully at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. It brings together high-quality exhibitors in the global manufacturing industry, covering CNC machine tools, intelligent manufacturing systems, industrial robots, golden laser, mold manufacturing, precision parts, artificial intelligence and other fields. The site brings together a large number of industry cutting-edge innovative technology products and resource information, experts, scholars and business representatives gathered together to exchange industry development.

As an important supplier of automation intelligent equipment in this exhibition, Alfa allows on-site customers to understand the full set of automation solutions for each product to adapt to different application fields by displaying self-programming, fast and smooth in-mold extraction, eye-catching products, technologies and simple and atmospheric modeling, as well as professional and enthusiastic on-site service. At the same time, the audience can also feel the core concept of the Alfa brand more intuitively.

ALFA has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial automation for 35 years, constantly improving automation application technology, enriching the company’s product system, continuously developing new high-end products, and expanding new market space. Looking back at the scene at booth 10E21, we not only showed advanced industrial automation solutions for domestic and foreign audiences, but also showed a complete set of metal processing automation production line solutions for industry customers (Lathe T3-200L with lathe robot, machining center LV-600L and visual inspection + industrial robot + ground rail) to meet the customized needs and transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.

We provide you with product processing line solutions.
We provide you with feeding solutions based on product characteristics.
We provide you with visual inspection solutions according to the production process.
We provide machine tool fixture solutions according to product characteristics optimization processing technology.
We provide you with customized robotic ground rail and customized gantry multi-axis truss robot according to the spatial layout of automatic lines.
We provide you with machine automatic door customization based on robot loading and unloading method.
We can customize the automatic line total control PLC system for you, and you can configure the number of machine tools to participate in production according to production scheduling requirements.

2024 Looking forward to seeing you again!

The flow of exhibitors during the show shuttled endlessly. Mr. Shih Yunsheng, chairman of Alfa, answered questions and doubts for customers from all over the world in the exhibition hall, and tailored to answer technical problems encountered by customers. After deeply understanding the performance of Alfa products, customers have praised the series of products and signed contract on the spot!

ALFA has been committed to the professional production of industrial automation equipment for 35 years, with excellent product quality, advanced complete automation system solutions, quality service and innovative concept of advancing with The Times, by the majority of customers favor, achieved a complete success.

This DMP exhibition came to a successful conclusion, thanks to each customer for their visit and support and affirmation as always. We will focus on the latest technology in the field of industrial automation, to provide you with high-quality product configuration and automation solutions.


2024 Looking forward to seeing you again!

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